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Car Locator Feature Coming to Disney Apps


We’ve all been there, after a long hot day in a Disney Park all you can think about is hobbling back to your car and turning on the AC when panic sets in: you forgot where you parked!!!!!! It’s one of the most frustrating ways to end a day at Disney. Those days will soon be behind us though with ...

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Disney’s Hulu Problem

Hulu logo

Disney is poised to buy out Comcast’s minority stake to own Hulu outright‚Ķthere’s just one problem. They aren’t sure that they want it. 27 billion dollars is a lot to get buyers’ remorse about and that is exactly how much Disney will have to spend to buy out Comcast’s minority stake in the streaming platform.¬†¬† Disney Acquires Hulu¬† This dilemma ...

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Disney Pays 1500% Premium to Air Formula 1

F1 and Disney

Formula 1 is the fastest growing sport in America. The international auto racing series regularly sees about 1.4 million American viewers each week, that’s a 53% increase in viewership from last season. This rise in viewership is thanks, in part, to the tumultuous championship race at the end of last season where decisions by the race authorities allowed for a ...

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Girl Denied Entrance to Disney Store Receives Gift

Alexis LaGrega

Last year, 9 year old Alexis LaGrega from New York was refused entry into a Staten Island Disney Store. This year, she received a gift she never expected! In 2021 Alexis and her mother wanted to go shopping in a local Disney Store when employees denied them entrance. The girl was wearing a neck gaiter which employees informed the pair ...

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Mjölnir Makes a Mighty Appearance At The Ganachery

Ganachery Thor hammer

It takes someone worthy to lift Mj√∂lnir, the mighty hammer of Thor. It will take someone equally worthy to eat The Ganachery’s latest treat! The indulgent chocolatier at Disney Springs has outdone itself with their Mj√∂lnir replica made entirely of chocolate. Known for their decadent treats, these chocolate wizards constantly outdo themselves with their creative limited run goodies. This incredible ...

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Ok, Maybe We Can Talk About Bruno


Just when the world had finally “Let it Go” along came Bruno! In late 2021, Encanto captured the hearts (and ears) of the world.¬† Disney is known the world over for producing some spectacular ear-worms and¬†Encato’s “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” may be one of the most beloved/infamous. Not even the songs composer Lin-Manuel Miranda predicted the songs popularity who ...

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You Can Totally Do Without This Overrated Disney Accessory

Park bag Disney

A few years ago I went through an unexpected breakup. It was completely out of the blue, not something I saw coming at all. I really thought it was going to be forever. We were very happy together and then one day-poof!! Our love affair was over forever. After many happy years together, I officially said goodbye to the park ...

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Disney Creates New Role for Kristen Finney

Kristen Finney

Amidst Pixar’s new film Lightyear (and Disney’s refusal to remove the LGBTQ+ scene in certain countries leading to its ban), The Walt Disney Corporation’s international dealings have been in the limelight recently. Earlier this year, company CEO Bob Chapek announced the creation of an international division, known as International Content and Operations, headed up by Rebecca Campbell. Now in a ...

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Disney’s First Attraction at Sea Makes a Big Splash


Aboard Disney Cruise Line’s brand new ship Disney Wish, guests will be able to climb aboard an innovative new water coaster. The AquaMouse has been called Disney’s first ever attraction at sea and for good reason, it combines Disney storytelling with classic cruise ship fun! On other ships in Disney Cruise Line’s fleet you’ll find the AquaDuck. This classic water ...

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