Guests Upset to Discover H2O+ shopDisney Orders May Not Be Fufilled


Guests who are fans of H2O+ were saddened by the announcement that the company would be closing its doors for good. The iconic brand of marine based bath products, with scents like Blushing Orange  and Grapefruit Bergamot, has supplied Disney Hotels 2006. They cited poor sales and an inability to recoup lost revenue as their reason for closing.


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When news of their closure broke, fans rushed to shopDisney to order their favorite products one last time. However, it seems that rush to order may have overwhelmed the company’s supply. We’ve received word that guests who ordered H2O+ products are receiving emails that their order may not be fulfilled.

One shopper, outraged that Disney has taken her money and may not supply the product she bought, sent us a screenshot of the email, which you can see below:


Credit: shopDisney Email

If you find yourself as one of the people waiting to see if they will get their products, never fear. Your money isn’t gone. Anytime Disney has oversold a product, they have always issued a refund and there is no indication that won’t be the case here. If they do not have the stock to fulfill an order, the refund is given automatically and the guest receives it in 7-10 business days.


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Still, it’s disappointing to know that these products are gone forever and that orders may not be fulfilled. Disney will shop the products in the order the purchases were received meaning the more recent your order, the less likely you are that you’ll get your package.

We recently went to the shopDisney site to see if products were still being sold. As of yesterday (September, 13, 2022) all regular H2O+ products have been removed from the website. The only products that remain are the specialty products from Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser, the newest (and most exclusive) Disney hotel. Those products are only available for purchase on shopDisney to guests who have an upcoming reservation or prior guests to the hotel.

Are you as sad as we are to see these products go? The smells take us right back to our Disney vacations and they will surely be missed. No word yet on what brand will be replacing H2O+ as Disney’s new bath product provider, but as soon as we know, you’ll know.



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