Sorry, Iger is NOT Going to Get Rid of Disney Genie+

Disney genie+

We’re making our lists and checking them twice… Not for Santa, for Bob Iger. Disney fans have a very long list of hopes for the newly reinstated CEO. There’s an invigorated hope within the Disney community for things to turn around. The list is long and almost universally agreed upon by fans. Chief among those wishes is the dissolution of ...

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Guests Lose Their Minds, Rush Bob Iger During a Visit to Disney on Saturday Night


Guests went crazy on Saturday when they recognized newly-installed Bob Iger visiting a Disney Park. During a visit to Disneyland on Saturday, Disney CEO Bob Iger, accompanied by his wife, Willow Bay, and The Walt Disney Company’s Vice President of Parks, Experiences, and Products, Josh D’Amaro, was rushed by Guests who instantly recognized the celebrity CEO at the parks. NexStar ...

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Could This Magic Kingdom Attraction Open In Time For Christmas?

Disney Railroad

“It’s been 84 years…” OK maybe it’s not been THAT long, but the Walt Disney Railroad has been down for a very long time. The nostalgic train ride around the Magic Kingdom has been closed since December 2018 when it was temporarily shuttered to make changes to its tracks to accommodate Tron: Lightcycle Power Run construction. Since then we’ve been ...

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Social Media Uproar Over Satanic Message in Disney+ Show

The santa clauses

The new Tim Allen series The Santa Clauses has premiered on Disney+ and is a massive hit with audiences. The nostalgic feeling produced by a return to Scott Calvin’s North Pole just gets us right in the ’90s kid heart. It is nostalgic in all of the right ways. While there is much to love about the new show, fans, ...

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Bob Iger to Make Big Reversal In Chapek-Era Changes

Bob Iger Parks

As you probably know by now, former (and very popular) Disney CEO Bob Iger is once again leading The Walt Disney Company. Iger took over on November 20, immediately following the abrupt firing of Bob Chapek — who was in charge for less than three years. During his short time as CEO, Bob Chapek struggled to get in the good ...

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Amber Heard Wants a New Defamation Trial Against Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp Amber Heard

Back in March, the world watched and listened as famous exes Johnny Depp and Amber Heard went to battle in an intense defamation trial. During the trial, audio recordings were released in which Heard admitted to Depp and dared him to go public with the abuse, saying that no one would believe him. There was also audio released of Depp ...

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Did You Make These Disney World Mistakes on Your First Visit?

Are you planning your first-ever family vacation to Walt Disney World Resort? Starting early, doing plenty of research, and asking questions is the key to planning a great Disney vacation. From packing and preparing to book Disney dining and theme Park strategizing, we have you covered at Follow our lead to ensure you don’t make these first-time visitor mistakes ...

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