Newest Disney Princesses Facing Backlash Come Together

little mermaid and snow white live action, cancel disney+

Disney’s foray into live-action adaptations of its beloved animated classics has been met with both anticipation and criticism. While these movies often generate excitement among fans eager to see their favorite stories come to life in a new way, some of Disney’s live-action endeavors have faced significant backlash. One recurring criticism revolves around concerns of creative originality. Some argue that ...

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The Walt Disney Company Nominated for 40 Critics Choice Awards

walt disney and mickey with television set

The Walt Disney Company has been nominated for 40 Critics Choice Awards for Television. That’s more than any other studio, streaming service, or broadcaster in the business, and the nominations are spread out across Disney’s many studios and brands. RELATED: Disney Under Fire for Stopping Ads on One Social Media Platform & Not the Other Disney and its content brands, ...

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New EPCOT Offering Leaves Some Fans Wishing for the Old Days

luminous epcot

EPCOT’s new nighttime spectacular, “Luminous,” has officially begun, replacing the barges of Harmonious. And although fans mostly disapproved of the last show, EPCOT’s newest addition has them rethinking their feeling for Harmonious. Introducing EPCOT’s “Luminous” Experience At EPCOT, the visionary theme park located in Walt Disney World Resort, guests are treated to a breathtaking new nighttime spectacle known as “Luminous.” ...

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Iconic Disney Attraction Renamed Overnight!

Living with the land update

One of the many ways in which Disney theme parks stay relevant and up to date with fans is by continuing to renovate and update each attraction. Both Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort Resort are known for constantly adding new attractions and offerings as well as refurbishing and updating their old ones. This process helps keep the parks ...

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Iron Man is Dead For Good, and He Isn’t Coming Back

iron man, kevin feige, robert downey jr

Since Robert Downey Jr.‘s Iron Man laid down his life to bring back billions of lost souls, fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have had one question: when will Iron Man return? Iron Man, portrayed by Robert Downey Jr., was a prominent character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) up until 2019’s Avengers: End Game. The fan-favorite hero first appeared ...

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“TV’s Greatest American,” Hailed as Force Behind TV’s Golden Age, Dead at 101

man looking at television studio set

A critically acclaimed television producer hailed as the greatest American in television and the driving force behind the first Golden Age of television has died. He was 101. Norman Lear, a renowned television producer, writer, and philanthropist, enjoyed a long career in television and film, and in political and social activism. At one point in the ‘70s, Lear had seven ...

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Ron DeSantis Prepares For a New Kind of Legal Fight, One That Could Impact Disney

ron desantis college football playoff

Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis is once again in headlines making legal threats, however this time, they’re not aimed at Disney. Ron DeSantis and Disney World have had a complex relationship over the years. As the governor of Florida, DeSantis has had to navigate the delicate balance between upholding public health and supporting the state’s tourism industry, of which Disney World ...

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Disney Announces NEW Location in North Carolina

Storyliving by Disney North Carolina

Ever dream that you could live in Disney all year round? All around the world, millions of fans love and adore the Walt Disney Company. Between the movies, theme parks, and magical experiences, there is so much to love about Disney. Some people live in Disney so much that they even dream about living at Disney Parks yearlong. While living ...

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Walt Disney’s Hometown Throws a Huge Birthday Bash for the Legendary Animator & Creator

walt disney happy birthday

Walt Disney’s birthday is cause for celebration for millions of fans all the world over, but for the people in a tiny Chicago neighborhood, Walt’s birthday is more than a date on the calendar; it’s a production. RELATED: Timeless Photos of Walt Disney Capture the Heart & Soul of the Legendary Visionary Before Marceline, Missouri Disney fans who’ve visited Disneyland ...

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Disney Has Fallen to Average at Best in a Category It Normally Dominates

Best animated feature

For over a decade, Disney has been synonymous with success in the Best Animated Film category at the Oscars, producing a string of critically acclaimed and beloved animated features. However, as we end 2023, the landscape seems to be shifting, with major contenders emerging that could potentially dethrone the animation giant from its long-standing reign. A Decade of Dominance Disney’s ...

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