Disney’s Newest Movie ‘Wish’ May Soon Unite With ‘Encanto’

wish fails at the box office

Disney+, launched on November 12, 2019, has rapidly become a competitive streaming service landscape player. The platform, owned and operated by The Walt Disney Company, boasts an extensive library of content that spans across various genres and appeals to audiences of all ages. Disney+ has become a treasure trove of classic Disney movies and a hub for new and exclusive ...

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Adam Driver Takes Jab at Disney During ‘SNL’ Monologue

Adam Driver Disney

Adam Driver rose to Disney stardom after playing the villain in Lucasfilm’s Star Wars sequels. The actor has had a great career over the years. However, he recently made a sly remark about Disney’s perceived “wokeness” while hosting Saturday Night Live (SNL) on December 9. Adam Driver in Disney Star Wars Sequels Adam Driver portrayed Kylo Ren in Disney’s Star ...

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When It Comes to Disney’s Animated Films, “Inclusion” Doesn’t Mean “Everyone”

church in pixar's incredibles

For years, The Walt Disney Company has touted its initiatives toward inclusion across Disney’s many theme park resorts, for its employees, and in its films, series, and stories. But when it comes to Disney’s film and television entertainment, it’s glaringly obvious that inclusion usually applies only to some. READ ALSO: Disney Loses Nearly 95% of Its Animation Material¬† Inclusion and ...

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Playing Billionaire: How the World’s Elite Experience the Disney Parks

Disney money saving castle

Let’s face it: rich people are undeniably attracted to the magical world of Disney. Disney and their incredible theme parks and resorts have a special allure that transcends age, background, and income bracket. However, the ultra-rich do experience Disney in quite a different way. From secret clubs, special rooms, VIP tours, and blinged-out merchandise, here is how the rich and ...

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Massive Protest Forms Outside Disney Park; Police Allegedly Respond to Bomb Threat

Police at Disneyland arrest ambulence

In the world we live in, terrifying threats of danger can happen anywhere, even in the happiest place on earth. In a shocking turn of events, a bomb threat has allegedly led to the closure of certain areas outside the enchanting Disneyland Resort. This incident occurred amidst a wave of impassioned pro-Palestine protests that have reportedly flooded Harbor Boulevard just ...

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Producer for “The Santa Clauses” Finally Give an Exciting Update on a 3rd Season

tim allen in the santa clauses with a number 3

Fans of¬†The Santa Clauses on Disney+ have been waiting for word on whether the jolly series will be renewed for a third season, especially since Season 2 just wrapped up on the Disney streamer, and it looks like they just got that update. A producer of Disney’s¬†The Santa Clauses¬†says there’s a “good shot” that the holiday-themed show will get the ...

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Halle Bailey Speaks Up, Sends Message To “Supportive” Fans

halle bailey (forefront) during ABC interview, Live-Action Little Mermaid poster (background)

Disney’s newest princess is thanking her supportive fans after months of backlash she has been facing. Halle Bailey has faced backlash due to “not looking the part” to play Ariel.¬†The decision to cast Halle Bailey, an African American actress, as Ariel was a significant moment in the entertainment industry. It sparked discussions about the importance of diversity in casting and ...

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For Just $7,900, You Can Become a Disney Dapper Dan!

Dapper Dans

It’s a deal too good to pass up! The Dapper Dans, a beloved and iconic entertainment group, have been charming guests at Disneyland Park for years. These talented performers, dressed in perfectly coordinated barbershop quartet attire, bring joy and nostalgia to Main Street, U.S.A. With their incredible harmonies and timeless songs. Their presence adds an extra layer of magic to ...

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