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Whoopi Goldberg Wants Disney to Bring Back ‘Song of the South’

Song of the South and Whoopi Goldberg

Splash Mountain is gone, and with it, the last remaining piece of Disney’s Song of the South (1946) in pop culture. Amid cries for its removal, many others fought for its survival. The arguments were intense on both sides. Pro-removal advocates argued that the film had racist undertones and should not be celebrated. Pro-Splash Mountain advocates argued the ride itself ...

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The Worst Restaurant at Disney World Is Also One of Its Most Popular

Cinderella's Royal Table Cinderella Castle

When judging whether a restaurant is any good or not, we take several things into consideration: food quality, service, rice, and ambiance. These are all critical components of a great dining experience. When one is off, everything is off. When more than one is off, you’ll probably not have a good time. Related: The Best Disney Restaurant in Every Park We set ...

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Disney Roller Coaster Riders PANIC as Track Segment Vanishes Mid-Ride

Expedition Everest with crowd in front

Roller coasters, like Expedition Everest – Legend of the Forbidden Mountain at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park, are one of our favorite ways to chase an adrenaline rush. The speed, the thrill of free falling, the fast and unpredictable turns – they’re just FUN! However, have you ever been on a coaster and had a momentary freakout, wondering, “What if something ...

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Controversy Continues Over Disney’s ‘Pauline’: A Teen’s One Night Stand With the Devil

Disney's Pauline with flame in front

In April 2023, Disney+ gave the green light to a new German show called Pauline. Disney’s Pauline is about a pregnant teen who falls in love with the devil. As in Lucifer… Satan himself. I…couldn’t make this up if I wanted to. Disney’s Pauline Deadline reports: “Pauline follows the eponymous protagonist, an 18-year-old who accidentally becomes pregnant – from a ...

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This “it’s a small world” Disney Fan Theory Will Creep You Out

it's a small world Britain doll, Magic Kingdom

There are so many fan theories surrounding Disney’s Parks and movies, some believable and some…not so much. Most of them surround the Haunted Mansion,  but this one is a little different. Today we’re heading over to “it’s a small world” for a theory that falls into the “not so believable” category, but we love it (and hate it) all the ...

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Big Thunder Mountain Boasts a Supernatural Backstory

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad backstory

Buckle up, ‘pardners’ cause this here’s to the wildest backstory in the wilderness! Most of us visit Disney Parks and ride attractions, taking them at face value. A dark ride is a dark ride. A coaster is a coaster. However, every single ride Walt Disney Imagineering creates has an incredible backstory that only makes the ride that much better! I’ve ...

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Is Disney’s Space Mountain Unsafe? Here’s What to Know

magic-kingdom-space mountain

An older report about Space Mountain recently went viral. The report claimed that a man had his limbs chopped off on Space Mountain and that the lights would be on from now on. We reported on this obvious fake news and debunked it. It got our wheels turning, though. Just how safe IS Space Mountain?  Related: Family Jumps off of ...

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Kim Kardashian Involved Disney Exec in an Elaborate Prank

Kim kardashian disney prank

Kim Kardashian recently made headlines by involving Disney in an elaborate prank. The celebrity is known for playing practical jokes, especially on her family and she even got a Disney executive in on her most recent prank. It all began when she walked into mom Kris Jenner’s home and said she had some very important news to share. In a ...

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