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Disney PhotoPass Goes Green…Literally & Figuratively

Disney Photopass

Beginning February 1, 2023, PhotoPass Photographers began sporting a brand new look! No longer are they hard to spot in their tan vests that fade into the background. You can now spot them a mile away in all-new bright green shirts. Related: Figment Takes Center Stage With  PhotoPass    It’s not just the color that’s changing, either. The new look ...

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Iconic Universal Studios Attraction FINALLY Returns

Revenge of the Mummy

Universal Orlando is home to thrills and chills of all sorts but none is quite as exciting as Revenge of the Mummy! What begins as a movie set tour, led by Mummy franchise sta Brendan Fraser, turns into a full scale adventure when it turns out that everything is real and you’re on the run to escape a curse. This ...

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New Character Meet Coming to Universal Changes Everything

Kung fu panda

When Universal’s Woody Woodpecker KidZone closed recently we wondered what would replace it. A replacement was immediately announced but details were not given. All we were told was that the area would remain a kids area which is good news because Universal struggles with a reputation of not being kid-friendly. New characters will be coming to the area and rumors ...

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A Shark at Disney World!?!?

Shark at Disney World

Ah Florida! Home to many species of wildlife that you just won’t see anywhere else. From alligators to snakes, Florida’s waters are rife with potentially dangerous animals. Are sharks one of them? Well…off the coast sure but others are claiming to have seen sharks on Disney Property. Related: Are Wild Animals Getting to Comfortable at Disney? In case you need ...

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Whoopi Goldberg Wants Disney to Bring Back ‘Song of the South’

Whoopi goldberg Song of the South

Splash Mountain is gone, and with it, the last remaining piece of Disney’s “Song of the South” in pop culture. Amid cries for its removal, many others fought for its survival. The arguments were intense on both sides. Pro-removal advocates argued that the film had racist undertones and should not be celebrated. Pro-Splash Mountain advocates argued the ride itself was ...

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Disney’s TRON Preview Dates Finally Announced

Tron is getting ready to open, and that can only mean one thing: it’s preview time! Magic Kingdom’s long-awaited newest coaster will join the ranks on April 4, 2023, but those hoping to be the first to hop on the grid will either need to be a Cast Member or an Annual Passholder. As always, when Disney opens a new ...

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All New Firework Spectacular Gives Serious Happily Ever After Vibes

Wondrous Journeys

Wondrous Journeys is one of two all-new nighttime spectacular that have debuted at Disneyland for the Disney100 Celebration which honors the Walt Disney Company’s 100th anniversary. The show, which officially premiered on January 27 has been met with rave reviews. Guests can’t get enough of the show that is being heralded as “a love letter to Disney animation” and “truly ...

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