The Most Popular Shows on Disney+ Are Headed to DVD and Blu-Ray

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Disney+ Original content has been a bit with fans since the streaming service premiered in late 2019. Fans could not get enough of the all-new star wars and marvel content on the platform. However, many have wondered if their favorite show is in the wake of Disney’s announcement that it will be removing content from Disney+.

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That’s why Disney’s news offering is so exciting! Soon, you will be able to own your favorite Disney plus a show. For the first time ever, three Disney+ shows, Loki, Wandavision, and The Mandalorian, are coming to 4k UHD (DVD) and Blu-Ray. This is a much-needed and appreciated addition to the Disney entertainment world.

Each title will be eligible for pre-order on August 28, 2023. As for the actual release dates, they will be staggered, but all will be available by Christmas:


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Season 3 of The Mandalorian premiered this past March but is not included in the Collectors Edition DVD/Blu-Ray release. It does not have a physical release date at this time. We expect to see it sometime at the beginning of next year, but nothing official has been announced.

Disney+ dvd

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Loki Being released first is no accident. Loki season two premieres October 6, 2023, So you’ll have time to have a Loki marathon before the new season hits Disney+. Given the popcorn sensation that is Loki, We expect season 2 will also be released on physical media sometime next year.

This is an exciting new development that fans have been asking for (and Kevin Feige has been dodging) for years. In what has been dubbed a one-deaf statement, Fiege once said, “The truth is, I don’t know… [but] You can pay a very low fee per month and have access to something that you can put on your TV whenever you want!” Many people still live in areas without reliable access to the internet, and the physical media release will bring these incredible shows to them.

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We hope more of Disney’s original content will follow And expect that some of the original movies will also soon be released on DVD and Blu-Ray.

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