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Belle Was Changed to be More Relatable


Belle is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful Disney Princesses. Did you know, however, that she initially looked much different? In her book, Disney Princess: Beyond the Tiara by Emily Zemler, she describes Belle’s original concept art as being extremely glamorous. The Princess was changed because animators , including James Baxter and Mark Hennquickly, decided she was “too ...

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There’s a BIG Change Coming to Disney’s Festival of Fantasy Parade

Maleficent Dragon

Magic Kingdom’s Festival of Fantasy parade returned just a few months ago. Iis so wonderful to see Maleficent breathing fire down Main Street once again, not to mention the smiling Princesses and dancing characters! The parade celebrates all that people love about Disney, from inventive floats that derelict favorite movie scenes to amazing dancing, this parade truly is the whole ...

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“Terrible Experience”: Guests Are Taking to Social Media to Vent Frustrations About Broken Rides, Dirt and Trash, and a Decline in Service at Disney World

Guests at Walt Disney World have noticed something- the Parks aren’t what they used to be. With prices soaring, guests expect a better experience but what they are getting is not better at all. Many have taken to social media to vent their frustrations, with one even going so far as to say her experience was “torture.” Many guests feel ...

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Remembering Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth II has died. She passed away today at Balmoral Castle in Scotland at the age of 96. Our hearts are with her family today and with the people all over the world who loved her. She was an inspiration to millions, myself included. A statement by Buckingham Palace said that she “died peacefully at Balmoral this afternoon.” She ...

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Former Walt Disney World Attractions That We Miss

Part of Walt Disney’s philosophy when it came to Disneyland and subsequent Disney Parks is that they will never be complete as long as there is still imagination left in the world. This has held true over the years with the Walt Disney World Resort seeing many changes with the addition of exciting new experiences for Guests to enjoy. Sometimes ...

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Classic Disney Channel Shows That Still Hold Up

There is very little we are more acquainted with than old Disney Channel content. Growing up in the 90’s and early 2000’s, we were blessed with arguably the best shows and movies Disney Channel has had to offer. Disney has released many, many good kid programs over the last decade (we’re looking at you, High School Musical: The Musical: The ...

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Where To Find the Best Margaritas in Walt Disney World

A great part of any vacation at the Walt Disney World Resort is indulging in some delicious specialty cocktails that include everything from classics to unique twists with innovative flavors and ingredients. There are countless margaritas to be enjoyed throughout the property, but some are simply so great that tequila lovers have to try them! Here are the restaurants and ...

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The Ultimate Hidden Mickey Hunt For Kids

Hidden Mickeys are found virtually everywhere throughout the Walt Disney World Resort. Imagineers love to embed them in everything from décor and patterns to actual architecture and props. Since there are so many Hidden Mickeys to be found, there is a wide range in the level of difficulty in spotting them. Some are very easy and consist of a classic ...

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A Taste Of Polynesia: Dining At Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

One of the most iconic Disney Resorts is Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort located on the shores of Seven Seas Lagoon directly across from the Magic Kingdom. Evoking the beauty and serenity of the South Pacific, the Disney Resort combines the charm of white sand beaches, towering palm trees, water views, and Polynesian architecture with incredible amenities and conveniences such as ...

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