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Op-Ed: Disney Is Woke and It Should Stay That Way

Disney Should Stay Woke

Disclaimer: The words and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author only. They do not reflect the overall opinion of DisneyDining.com or The Walt Disney Company. For years, Disney’s animated movies really focused on two types of characters – animals and heterosexual white people. With the exception of The Jungle Book (1967), nearly every Disney movie that did not ...

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Universal Orlando Theme Park Forced to Close Its Doors as Winter Storm Approaches

Universal Studios Orlando enterance

Universal Orlando Resort is known for providing captivating and magical experiences for millions of visitors every year. Thanks to its world-class theme parks, Universal Orlando Resort has established itself as one of the World’s best destinations for a theme park vacation. With families shelling out thousands to experience the magic of such a park, it comes as a great disappointment ...

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Disney World Sells Out, Families Paying $140 Extra to Ride Attractions

genie plus sold out

Walt Disney World Resort, often referred to as “The Most Magical Place on Earth,” welcomes guests to explore enchanting theme parks, world-class entertainment, and immersive experiences. Walt Disney World sees a rise in guests several times a year. Major holidays, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s, draw many guests to the parks. Additionally, spring break and summer break are ...

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Mickey Mouse: The Next President of the United States

Disney's Mickey Mouse in front of the United States American Flag

The notion of Mickey Mouse as the United States President may seem far-fetched, considering the iconic cartoon character’s origins in the imaginative world of Walt Disney. However, in today’s fast-paced and unpredictable political climate, where even celebrities like Kanye West have flirted with presidential campaigns, this whimsical idea invites us to reflect on the power of popular culture and its ...

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‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Film Star Arrested, Charged With Violent Crime Causing “Traumatic” Injury

pirates of the caribbean actor kevin mcnally arrested

A beloved film star, best known for his role in Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise, has been arrested and will appear in court next month. Yep, you read that right: a Pirates actor has been arrested. Related: ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Film-Inspired Theme Park Opening in 2025 Depp & Company Light Up the Big Screen in ‘Pirates’ Films ...

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Why You Should Never Go to Disney’s Magic Kingdom on a Monday

magic kingdom hurricane

Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, is one of the most populated vacation destinations in the world. With visitors traveling from all over the globe to experience Disney’s largest theme park campus, it’s good to know some ins and outs before you blindly take a hard-earned week off from your daily life and enjoy “The Most Magical Place on Earth.” ...

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The Iconic Choco Taco is Coming to Disney World!

Choco Taco coming to Disney

For nearly 40 years, ice cream lovers were able to indulge in the classic treat, the Choco Taco. The Choco Taco was made by Good Humor and featured a waffle cone, shaped like a taco. It was filled with vanilla ice cream, chocolate fudge, peanuts, and coated in a chocolate shell. In 2022, Klondike, which owned the Choco Taco, announced ...

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Former Disney Imagineers Reveal the Truth About Abandoned Disney Attraction

Star Wars attraction Galaxys Edge

Many Disney fans enjoy learning about all of the iconic Disney attractions that have been scrapped over the years. However, this newly talked about project may be one of our most devastating losses ever. Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge is a groundbreaking addition to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, immersing visitors in the captivating world of Star Wars like never before. With a ...

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This “it’s a small world” Disney Fan Theory Will Creep You Out

it's a small world Britain doll, Magic Kingdom

There are so many fan theories surrounding Disney’s Parks and movies, some believable and some…not so much. Most of them surround the Haunted Mansion,  but this one is a little different. Today we’re heading over to “it’s a small world” for a theory that falls into the “not so believable” category, but we love it (and hate it) all the ...

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Beloved Disney Park Cast Member Tragically Passes Away

Disneyland Balloon Night

In a heartbreaking turn of events, a cherished Disney Park cast member has sadly passed away. The loss of this individual has deeply impacted the Disney community, highlighting the strong bonds that form between cast members and guests at the parks. Their absence is felt not only by their colleagues but also by the countless visitors who have been touched ...

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