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New Survey Names BOTH Disney Resorts as the State’s Biggest “Rip-Off”

Disneyland Walt Disney World

This is not a good look for the Walt Disney Company… A recent survey conducted by Casino.org has sparked quite a buzz by labeling Disneyland Resort as the biggest “rip-off” tourist attraction in California and Walt Disney World Resort as the biggest rip-off of Florida. This eye-opening study utilized powerful tools like Google Trends and Tripadvisor to analyze and determine ...

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Have You Heard of Disney World’s Hilarious BALLOON Daycare?!

Disney World balloon daycare

Walt Disney World Resort spans more than 27,000 acres. Within those 27,000 acres are four incredible theme parks — Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom. Each theme park holds its own unique magic and feel that makes it special. EPCOT takes you on a trip around the globe, while Magic Kingdom lets you enter a world of ...

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If the Chiefs Win the Super Bowl, Is Taylor Swift Heading to Disney?

Taylor Swift disney

As the highly anticipated Super Bowl 58 approaches, fans and spectators alike are eagerly awaiting the possibility of catching a glimpse of none other than the iconic Taylor Swift in attendance. Despite her Eras Tour performance in Tokyo tomorrow night, February 10, fans hope Taylor will make an appearance at the grand event to show her support for her boyfriend, ...

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Guest Sues Disney World: A $50,000 Bump on the Bottom

animal kingdom lodge

A female guest has sued Walt Disney Parks and Resorts following injuries she says she sustained during her visit to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. According to a new lawsuit filed in Orange County court on Tuesday, a guest identified as Sarah Carney was staying at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge in mid-June 2022. During a visit to a resort pool, Carney ...

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Palestinian Sympathizers are Calling Supporters to Boycott the Next Massive Disney Movie

boycott disney marvel studios palestine

As war wages worldwide, we, in America, live in a secure Disney bubble, oblivious to when humankind and all of its terrible attributes clash with the mega-sized entertainment company. Often, we don’t realize that the ā€œbubbleā€ we consider to be a shield from the real world is infiltrated by external forces, creating plenty of backlash, a boycott or two, and ...

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Disney Bought the Bible? Viral Article Claims Company Purchased Exclusive Rights

Bible Disney

Rumors are spreading like wildfire throughout the realm of entertainment enthusiasts as word has it that the renowned Walt Disney Company has acquired the highly coveted exclusive rights to the beloved and sacred text of the Holy Bible. This groundbreaking news has left many in awe and intrigue, sparking a flurry of discussions and debates on the implications and potential ...

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“Disney Sucks” – Elon Musk On the Attack

Elon Musk Pirates 6

For years, there has been a ton of controversy surrounding Disney’s sixth film in theĀ Pirates of the CaribbeanĀ franchise. It all began back in 2018, when Disney dropped Johnny Depp from the franchise. The move came after an OpEd from Depp’s ex-wife, actress Amber Heard, was published inĀ The Washington Post. In the article, Heard accused Depp of physical, verbal, and mental ...

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Disney and Pixar Release New ‘Inside Out 2’ Trailer!

Inside Out 2 trailer

Back in September 2022 — at the D23 Expo in Anaheim, California — Disney announced that it was creating a sequel to the hit 2015 Pixar film,Ā Inside Out. The original animated film told the story of Riley, a young girl who is moved from the Midwest to San Francisco, California. It is a lot for Riley to handle, and Riley’s ...

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Confirmed: ‘Moana 2’ Losing Major Star

maui, moana, hei-hei, and pua

The Walt Disney Company just announced major news that Moana 2 will be coming out in November 2024. Moana (2016) became a popular movie that children and parents quickly came to enjoy. Fans fell in love with the newest Disney princess and the journey she was forced to go on. While on her journey, the “daughter of the village chief” ...

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Elon Musk Vows to Fight Disney Over Inclusion Policies

Elon Musk paying for Disney lawsuits

Over the past few years, Disney has made a much more concerted effort to make those who go to its theme parks and work for its company feel included and accepted. In 2020, Disney even added a fifth key to its legendary “Four Key” training regimen. That fifth key was inclusion. Cast members are now allowed to dress in the ...

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