Abrupt Franchise Series Cancelation Bodes Poorly for Disney Plus

National Treasure: Edge of History Cancelled Nicholas Cage Disney Plus

Despite the hype going into the debut of this Disney Plus series, National Treasure: Edge of History was abruptly canceled by the streaming platform before green-lighting a second season.

Based on the popular movie franchise starring Nicholas Cage, the series planned to take a similar theme of “uncovering the truth of the past” and discovering a Pan-American treasure.

National Treasure Film Nicholas Cage


The series starred Lisette Olivera as the main treasure hunter, Jess Valenzuela. Recognizable star Catherine Zeta-Jones also appeared as Billie Pearce, the “ruthless black-market antiquities dealer.” While storyline crossovers were planned, fans never got to see Nicholas Cage reprise his film role as Benjamin Franklin Gates in the Disney Plus series.

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National Treasure: Edge of History Cast Disney+ Plus Catherine Zeta-Jones


While there will be no more installments of Nation Treasure: Edge of History, rumor has it that there is a National Treasure 3 in the works for the big screen. Perhaps this will tie in the actors from the series into the main franchise world.

Forbes reports that the cancelation was because everyone either “ignored or hated” the show. Disney seems to struggle to create anything new outside the big classics and franchises that they’re already known for. Even though Nicholas Cage’s National Treasure films saw success, Disney Plus couldn’t capitalize on it.

Rotten Tomatoes score for National Treasure: Edge of History critics and audience score

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Forbes confirms that National Treasure: Edge of History joins Turner and Hootch, Game Changers, The Mysterious Benedict Society, Diary of a Future President, Big Shot, and The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers in the Disney Plus streaming graveyard of failed series. Audiences and critics agreed that these shows just didn’t have the magic Disney was hoping for.

It looks like, if it’s not Marvel or Star Wars, Disney Plus needs to learn how to create a viable action adventure that audiences can get behind. While it is not a huge surprise that the National Treasure series didn’t survive, it does raise concerns about streaming platforms’ ability to create engaging content without wasting money and pushing shows that no one watches.

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