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Angry Disney Star Blames Political Group for Nashville School Shooting Deaths

man seated with face covered and fingers pointed

One of Disney’s most popular actors is using his celebrity status to angrily call out those he holds responsible for a school shooting that took place in Nashville, Tennessee, earlier this week. RELATED: Disney Actor Warns Guests Aboard Classic Disney Parks Attraction as He Lives Out His Childhood Dreams On Monday morning, according to surveillance video, an individual, identified as ...

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Pay for Your Next Movie With a Potato at Regal Cinemas

potato movie

You can leave your wallet at home for your next movie at Regal Cinemas! The movie theatre company has just announced that customers will be able to get a free movie ticket when they bring a potato to theatres on select dates. This promotion has shocked fans who are used to paying big bucks for a night out at the ...

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Jeremey Renner Shares Huge Update on Recovery After Snow Plow Accident

jeremy renner

Beloved actor Jeremy Renner has revealed major progress in his recovery since his terrible accident earlier this year. Fans of the actor were distraught when he faced a near-death experience during a snow plow accident. The accident happened on January 1, and immediately after, he was sent to the hospital to seek treatment for his blunt chest trauma and several ...

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Selena Gomez’s Character on “Wizards of Waverly Place” Was Bisexual According to Writer

Alex russo and Stevie

Some surprising new news has been revealed about one of the most favorite Disney channel characters. Today, Selena Gomez is a household name and massively successful. The actress and Rare Beauty founder has established herself as a classy and talented woman in the industry. However, many adults today will still always remember her as Alex Russo, the hilarious and rebellious ...

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“Little Mermaid” Trailer Still Only Gives Fans Glimpses of the Story Behind the New Remake

halle bailey as ariel

Disney’s newly-released trailer for the upcoming live-action remake of The Little Mermaid still only gives fans teasers but no real insight yet into the story of the new film. The newest live-action remake to come down the line from Walt Disney Studios is The Little Mermaid, which will debut in theaters on May 26. The film has been in production for years, ...

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Guests Are Thrilled to Spot a Disney Celebrity During the Daytime Parade at Magic Kingdom

halle bailey at disney world

Guests at Magic Kingdom were pleasantly surprised when they noticed a Disney actress in a vehicle during a daytime parade. On Thursday, Guests at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom were thrilled to see the star of a soon-to-be-released Disney film riding in a parade vehicle, seated just behind a beloved Disney princess. It’s not clear whether Guests were alerted to the ...

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Adorable Video Posted By Halle Bailey Demonstrates True Impact of Little Mermaid Casting

ariel halle bailey and mila rose

Actress Halle Bailey has posted a heartwarming clip of her being recognized by a young fan while visiting the Walt Disney World Resort, and it demonstrates the true power of representation in children’s media. 2023’s live-action The Little Mermaid will rewrite elements of the 1989 Walt Disney Animation Studios classic, expanding upon Ariel’s storyline and her connection to Prince Eric ...

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Disney’s Social Media Team Makes Horrifying Romantic Pairing

Han solo and Leia

Someone on Disney’s social media team just made a big mistake. If there’s one thing that Disney fans adore, it’s a good romantic love story. For the last century, the company has brought some iconic Disney couples to the silver screen. There have been hundreds of happily ever afters made by Disney, and each one is magnificent and special in ...

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