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Brandy Reprising Her Role as Cinderella in New Disney Movie!

Brandy Cinderella

25 years ago, The Walt Disney Company broke casting barriers when they cast singing superstar Brandy to play the classic princess Cinderella. Rodger’s and Hammerstein’s Cinderella didn’t stop there with its diverse casting. Prince Christopher was played by Paolo Montalban, and his parents, the King and Queen, were played by Victor Garber and Whoopi Goldberg. The late Whitney Houston played the ...

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Disney’s Newest Animated Movie On Track to Lose $100 Million

Strange World

It has been a rough time lately for Disney animation. In the past, Disney’s animated features were almost always a guaranteed success, from hits like Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella to more modern tales like Frozen and Encanto. However, the animation studio has been struggling more and more; in the past year, most of its films have underperformed. These include films from Pixar as well, like Turning Red, ...

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Disney Star Blasts “Disgusting” Magazine Article That Lumped Her In With Child Abusers

Black Panther

Some of the most popular and successful films being made today are superhero films. The action-packed movies bring in billions to their studios, and Disney is no exception. In recent history, some of The Walt Disney Company’s most successful films have been based on comic book heroes — including Captain America, The Avengers, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten ...

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Famed Disney Musician, Gene Cipriano, Dead at 94

Gene Cirpriano Disney

When it comes to making a movie, some of the people who get the most attention are the actors, the director, the producers, and the writers. However, many people will tell you that one of the things that makes a movie the emotional experience that it is, is the perfect music that plays throughout. The music conveys every emotion the ...

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“Merry Christmas” Has Landed Actor Tim Allen in Deep . . . Snow

tim allen and tim allen in Disney's "The Santa Clause"

Brace yourselves. Especially if you enjoy wishing others “Merry Christmas” during the holiday season. You might just find yourself in a big mess like veteran actor Tim Allen after a line spoken by his character in a new Disney+ series offended the masses–or at least several who took to social media to publicize their issues with Allen’s line, doing so ...

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Hosts of ABC’s “The View” Ripped to Pieces After Being Blatantly Rude to the Studio Audience

the view panel thanksgiving episode 2022

The female hosts of ABC’s The View routinely make the headlines for all kinds of behaviors–from making inflammatory, untrue comments about the Holocaust and falling on their faces on stage, to being suspended from the daytime show and interjecting disrespect while their co-hosts are speaking. But the hosts’ actions during Wednesday morning’s broadcast might just top them all, as the all-female ...

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Whoopi Goldberg Goes Off in Angry Tirade During Live Broadcast of “The View”

Wednesday’s episode of ABC’s The View was chock full of various inflammatory content, not the least of which was an angry tirade exhibited for the studio audience and viewers at home by the show’s moderator, Whoopi Goldberg. RELATED: Fans are Enraged After Hosts of ABC’s “The View” Blatantly Disregard the Entire Studio Audience Ms. Goldberg seems the fearless leader of the ...

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SNEAK PEEK: Mickey Mouse Saves Christmas

Mickey saves Christmas

Tis the season to be jolly….and Mickey is on his way to help you do just that! A brand new Holiday special is coming your way from Mickey and friends. The new special, Mickey Saves Christmas, is sure to be an instant hit with audiences of all ages as it harkens back to the Christmas specials of days gone by. ...

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