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Update on Father Who Died Tragically at Disney World

Not Long ago, a 40 year old father from the U.K died of a Fentanyl overdose at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort. The man, Philip Weybourne, was said to have been drinking most of the day at Disney Springs and then returned to the Yacht Club where he continued to drink at one of the hotel’s bars. It was there that ...

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MORE Layoffs Coming as Iger Puts Chapek-Era to an End

Iger Disney layoffs

The Chapek-Era is coming to a close as newly reinstated CEO Bob Iger makes good on his promise to restructure the Walt Disney Company. On his first day back at the office, Iger announced that he’d be walking back many of the changes implemented by Bob Chapek, which includes sorting out the mess he made of the media arm of ...

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An All New Way to Play Comes to Disney Springs

Disney Springs kids club

There’s a new way to play at Disney Springs! From shopping to dining theres always something to do at Disney Springs. It is our favorite spot to hit on arrival day to get a dose of Disney magic (without using a theme park ticket on a partial day). The entertainment here can’t be beat either. Whether catching a movie or ...

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The ONLY Disney Parks Playlist You’ll Ever Need

Disney Playlist

  Tomorrow is the big day! The Disney100 celebration officially kicks off at Disney to celebrate 100 years of The Walt Disney Company! Around Disneyland subtle changes are already being made, from banners to interactive statues (and even a brand new shiny look for the monorail)! It’s Disney, so of course there is food but even more exciting than that…there ...

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We are Worried About Figment and You Probably Should Be Too

Disney Fans love Figment. We don’t know why. We just do. It’s one of those universal truths: chocolate is tasty, Summer breezes are always welcome, and Disney fans love Figment! I’m convinced if Disney World ever got rid of Figment, there would be a revolt ( I may or may not lead the charge)! This is why the state of ...

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Disney’s Most Recent Mistake Has Fans Questioning Everything

Disney misquoted walt

Disneyland has had a rough time this year getting their facts (and signs) straight. With Disney100 Amping up to celebrate 100 years of the Walt Disney Company, one would think they would have brushed up on their history. The Disney100 celebration officially kicks off on January 27, and it looks like Disney is really rolling out the red carpet, so ...

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Wait Times Have Increased and Genie+ is to Blame

Long lines

No one likes waiting in line, especially at Walt Disney World. In fact, this is the single quickest way to a Disney Meltdown that I know! Outdoor lines are hot and uncomfortable, but even lines indoors, nothing makes your feet feel every single mile you’ve walked that day like suddenly standing still.  Discomfort breeds discontentment.   Related: “How to Survive the ...

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Update: New Information Comes to Light Regarding Actor Critically Injured During Universal Performance

Universal Studios Hollywood accident

Last night we reported on an unfortunate incident at Universal Studios Hollywood when a stunt performer became the victim of an apparent drowning during Waterworld: A Live Sea War Spectacular, one of the park’s oldest and most popular attractions. Today more details have come to light surrounding the tragic event. RELATED: Daring Water Rescue at Universal Studios Caught on Camera, ...

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