Is There Any Magic Left? What to Expect at Disney’s Earnings Call Tonight

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Disney stock has tumbled 25% in the last 5 years leading many to believe the magic is gone forever. Wall Street certainly thinks so. Today we discover just how much magic is left in Walt’s vision as the company presents its Q3 Disney Earnings Call after the closing bell on the stock market this evening. Analysts and Experts have weighed in to give their predictions about what we can expect at Disney’s Earnings Call.

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A report by Nasdaq shows that streaming and linear TV will be chief among the issues concerning investors. They state, “The market continues to worry about the fate of linear TV advertising as well as the company’s direct-to-consumer subscriber growth.” They go on to say that while Disney+ has helped Disney overall, the 8% subscriber loss is a big concern. Subscriber growth goals have been lowered as a result, which doesn’t boost investor confidence.

When Bob Iger returned to the helm at The Walt Disney Company, he promised a cost reduction company wide of $5 billion. 2.5 billion, he said, would come from job cuts. He set out to trim the fat at Disney right away, and has since laid off 7,000 employees. This call, we expect to hear how those job cuts have led to savings within the company.

Future plans for Disney’s linear TV networks could be discussed. Bob Iger has heavily hinted that there is the possibility that they could be sold off, particularly ESPN and ABC, though with the recent launch of ESPN BET it’s unlikely. We don’t expect an announcement either way tonight. Iger has made it clear that talks about the future of Disney’s linear TV networks are in early stages. However, hints could be dropped in an effort to calm investor fears.

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As far as the Parks go, we expect, like always, to see their numbers carry the company. Parks have gotten a bad wrap recently with reports of low crowds but the reality is that the Parks are just as profitable as ever and we should see that reflected in tonight’s earnings call. We don’t expect any big bombshells to be released though a surprise or two isn’t out of the question. In short, don’t expect a 5th park announcement but maybe bank on a new offering or two being announced.

The Disney Earnings Call takes place tonight at 4:30 pm. You can count on Disney Dining to listen and bring you all of the news and from tonight’s call. If you’d prefer to listen in yourself, you can do so here. Check back with us as the evening progresses for out hot takes from what is said (and what gets left on the table unsaid).


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