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Disney Headed to Court Over COVID Mandates

Disney Lawsuit Covid Mandate

In March 2020, the world shut down as the COVID-19 virus swept across the globe. The only businesses allowed to remain open in most parts of the United States were those considered “essential”. Not only did every Disney theme park have to close its gates, but the entertainment industry also shut down. That meant every Disney-owned movie and television show ...

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Disney Makes History With New Merger!

Disney Reliance India Merger

In November 2022, Bob Iger stepped back into the role of CEO of The Walt Disney Company after Bob Chapek was unceremoniously fired. From the beginning, Iger was honest about the changes needed at Disney+. Disney+ launched in 2019, just months before the COVID-19 pandemic, and saw some initial success. However, the streaming service has struggled for several years and ...

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Disney CEO Bob Iger Sells Off More Than 80% of His Stake in the Company

bob iger

CEO Bob Iger has sold more than 80% of his stake in The Walt Disney Company, leading many to wonder what he knows about Disney’s future that the rest of us don’t. A Massive Enterprise With Numerous Offerings The Walt Disney Company operates a global entertainment enterprise consisting of theme parks and resorts, resort hotels, television, film, and video streaming ...

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Disney Goes Toe-To-Toe in Proxy Battle With Nelson Peltz Over Stakeholder Comments

proxy battle bob iger nelson peltz disney

Nelson Peltz, a prominent activist investor, made waves in the corporate world with his recent statements regarding the Walt Disney Company. Peltz, known for his strategic investments through Trian Fund Management, caught the attention of Disney’s executives, including former CEO Bob Iger and CFO Jay Rasulo, just days ago when he penned a Valentine’s Day letter to investors proposing that ...

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Despite Lawsuits and Mass Exodus, DeSantis Claims “Success” in Disney Takeover

DeSantis declares success over Disney World

It’s been almost two years since the relationship between The Walt Disney Company and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis went from cordial to absolute disdain. Things took a nosedive when former Disney CEO Bob Chapek spoke out against Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Bill. Governor DeSantis championed the bill and didn’t appreciate what Disney had to say. DeSantis quickly declared war ...

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An Often Scary Day of Treatments Turns Into a Day of Disney Magic at AdventHealth for Kids in Orlando

disney princess hospital visit

It started like any other day of treatments for patients visiting Orlando’s AdventHealth for Children, but thanks to the magic of Disney, the day quickly became so much more! Patients at AdventHealth for Children in Orlando recently got to experience their very own dose of Disney magic as before their very eyes, an ordinary day at the hospital turned into ...

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What Group Is Ruining Disney? Hint…It’s Not Disney Adults or Influencers

Disney Guests with "Worst" label

There has been much reporting on how “Disney Adults” or social media influencers are ruining the Disney experience, particularly at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort. Related: Entitled Disney Adults are the Problem, Not Kids Although individuals in these groups may have caused problems over recent years, a much more troubling group is destroying the magic of the Disney ...

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Entire Multi-Million-Dollar Magic Kingdom Attraction Forced to Close Forever After Being Deemed Inappropriate and “Too Far”

magic kingdom partners statue

Disney was forced to scrap and remove an entire Magic Kingdom experience after the attraction was deemed unsafe and inappropriate for guests of the four theme parks at the Walt Disney World Resort in Central Florida. Related: Imagineers Scrap Brand-New Attraction, Citing Unsolvable Problem For Guests Walt’s Inspiration for Building the Parks Throughout its 100-year-long history, The Walt Disney Company ...

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