Disney is CANCELING Guest’s Park Reservations

Disney Park reservations canceled
Credit: Jill Bivins

Since Disney reopened in 2020, they have required park reservations in order to attend. This has been met with frustration and anger on the part of guests, who find the requirement unnecessary and restrictive. Up until this point, Disney has held firm in their insistence that all guests have a reservation in order to enter one of their four theme parks at Walt Disney World Resort. If you don’t have a reservation, regardless if you have a park ticket or not, you don’t get access to the park. Many guests found this unfair. Some even filed lawsuits in response.

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Credit: Disney

Now some guests are finding that their upcoming park reservation has disappeared. Disney recently sent out emails to the affected guests explaining that their park reservation had, in fact, been canceled. The guests in question all share one thing in common: their reservation was made for a date after January 9, 2024. Earlier this year, we shared the extremely exciting news that in January, park pass reservations would no longer be required and no longer need a reservation; however, some early birds have already bought their tickets and made their reservations. Those guests were given the explanation that the reservations were unnecessary. Since date-based tickets will no longer require reservations, they will be able to visit any park that they like.

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Credit: Disney

If you got an email from Disney stating that your park reservation has been canceled, there’s no need to fret. You will still be able to carry on with your Disney days just as you’ve already planned- there will just be fewer restrictions. It is important to note that the park hopping rules are not changing. Park hopping will not be allowed until after 2:00 pm.

This is good news for Disney fans who have said planning a Disney vacation has become increasingly difficult. A common guest complaint has been that guests want their holiday to be simple, and going to Disney is anything but. We hope this is only the beginning of positive changes to make visiting the Parks easier. Yesterday it was reported that the attendance decline at Walt Disney World had hurt the domestic parks’ earnings. We imagine that Disney is currently doing everything they can to try to simplify the process and encourage guests to come back to Walt Disney World.




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