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Disney Banned Activity May Soon Be Banned by Universal As Well

Universal smoking ban

In a move that seemed long overdue due to some and a terrible annoyance to others, Disney banned smoking inside its theme parks in 2019. Smoking is still allowed in designated areas outside of the park’s gates, resort hotels, and Disney Springs but lighting up inside the park is completely banned. This ban includes vaping and smokeless tobacco as well. ...

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Which Disney Character Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

Disney zodiac

Forget asking people, “what’s your sign?” The real question is, “what’s your Disney character?” Disney characters can be relatable, and, in fact, they’re meant to be (see: Disney changed Belle to be more relatable)! Whether you feel like a Cinderella or a Simba depends on your unique personality, but your zodiac sign could play a role. Curious to see what ...

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James Cameron Calls Partnership With Disney “An Arranged Marriage” in Candid Conversation

James Cameron and Disney

Director James Cameron recently opened up.candidly about what he calls an “arranged marriage” with Disney.  The ‘Avatar’ Director has been daunted in the past, no one expected ‘Titanic, to be a success and it ended up becoming the highest grossing ever, (you’re welcome, Mr. Cameron. As a 7th grade girl full of …whatever 7th grade girls are full of…I saw ...

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Flying Robots!? New Patent Suggests They Could be Coming to Disney Parks

Flying robot at Disney

Flying robots. Yes, you read that right. Disney has recently filed a patent for flying robots. Our minds immediately began running through all of our ideas for what such an invention could be used for…the possibilities are endless. From “streetmosphere,” to stage shows, and even security… flying robots certainly hold an appeal.  The patent form itself stated it would be ...

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The Best Bar at Disney World You’ve Probably Never Noticed

Thirsty River bar

Walt Disney World is home to over 200 restaurants, bars, and snack carts. With that many, it’s easy to overlook some while others get all the hype, especially when it comes to the places to snag an alcoholic drink! We’re absolutely spoiled for choice at Disney World. Yes, La Cava del Tequila, Olga’s Cantina, and Trader Sam’s are amazing and ...

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Meet Your NEW Favorite Dole Whip Flavor

Swirls on the Water

Pssst! Let me let you in on a little secret: you don’t need a Park ticket to get the best Dole Whip at Walt Disney World! Swirls on the Water is one of my favorite places to snag that delicious Pineapple soft serve! Its waterfront location at Disney Springs makes it the perfect place to take a break and indulge ...

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“Hey Disney” is Almost Ready for Home Use Says Amazon

Hey disney

“Hey Disney!” is Disney’s newest tech project and has been the subject of a lot of buzz recently. In case you missed it, “Hey Disney!” is a digital assistant device that works much the same way Amazon’s Alexa does. It’s similar because the new product is the result of a collaboration between Disney and Amazon! The new service began making ...

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Restaurant Staff Surprised With All-Expense-Paid Trip to Disney World

Disney trip for Toast employees

The pandemic hit the labor force hard. Every day we read stories of employers doing their employees wrong. “Quiet quitting” is the newest buzz word which refers to a general attitude of doing the bare minimum at work and not giving more than absolutely necessary to keep a job. Wage disputes are everywhere (even within Disney Parks).  It can all ...

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