Guest Claims to be Victim of Mind-boggling Theft at Disney

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We would like to pretend the outside world doesn’t exist when we are at Disney Parks. Disney does such s good job of creating fantasy worlds that it’s easy to shut out reality and forget bad things ever happen. Although. The rece t uptick in violent behavior in the Parks makes that harder to do. Sadly though bad things do occur, including theft.

Disneyland karen Disneyland gas theft

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One guest recently found this out the hard way. User u/returnofthezack took to Reddit to describe a curious incident that happened to them at Disneyland. He claims that he parked his car in the Pixar Pals garage just before 7:00 am with a half tank of gas. After spending all day in the Park with his girlfriend, they returned to the car just before midnight to discover that their tank was completely empty. He claims the gas was stolen, though he admits he doesn’t have proof.

He did state that he went to security to report the incident and get to the bottom of what may have happened. Security was able to rule.out the possibility that he left his car running and after a thorough check both the Redditor and security determined the car did not have a gas leak.

Some users lamented the sad state of the world and offered condolances:

Gas theft at Disneyland

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Others were skeptical of the story and suggested perhaps he just didn’t realize how much gas he had:

Gas theft Disneyland

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Another suggested that the gas meter could have been broken:

Gas theft disneyland

Credit: Reddit

One user simply doubted the story altogether due to the safety of Disney security:

Gas theft disneyland


Modern cars make it very difficult to siphon gas. Difficult,ย  but not impossible.ย  We’ve recently see that things can go very wrong in a Disneyland parking garage so who knows? This could very well have happened.


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