Former Cast Member Arrested After Trying to Sneak Into Restricted Magic Kingdom Area, Assaulting Security Guard

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For many Disney lovers, becoming a Cast Member at a Disney Resort is the dream of a lifetime. Some dream of becoming one of Disney’s iconic characters that greet Guests in the Parks and at dining spots. Others have a goal of working on their favorite Disney attractions. Others would love to work in any part of the theme park, no matter where it is.

We are learning that one former Cast Member just couldn’t get enough of the magic — which led to his arrest.

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According to a recently released report from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Eugene Zehner, 62 of St. Cloud, Florida, was a Disney World Cast Member. On November 17, a Disney World security officer reported that he observed Zehner lifting ropes to try to gain access to the area that led to Disney’s utilidors — the underground tunnel system. When Walt Disney World Security tried to stop Zehner, Zehner apparently ran over the Guard’s foot repeatedly with a stroller.

Disney World Utildors

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The Orange Circuit Court report reads:

Victim [redacted] wrote a sworn statement and stated while he was working securityhe observed a white male/defendant with a Hawaiian shirt, lift and remove the security ropes which is designed to keep people from entering the secured area. [Redacted] said the defendant was told to stop but he did not listen. [Redacted] said the defendant was allowing a white female through the ropes later determined to be his wife Leeann Zehner. [Redacted] stated he approached them and tried to tell them to stop as they violated company policy, but they kept yelling at him to move out of their way as they continued to move into the park…

[Redacted] said he told the defendant to stay put as he was calling his supervisors about the incident. [Redacted] said the defendant then pushed a stroller he was pushing into him intentionally running over his foot causing slight discomfort at the time. [Redacted] said the defendant continued to move toward the train in the park and he ordered him to stop and the defendant continued to intentionally hit his foot with the stroller. [Redacted] stated he did not give the defendant permission to hit him with the stroller and he will press charges and testify in court.

Walt Disney World Railroad

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The report also states that Zehner told the police that he just wanted to leave the Magic Kingdom with his family. The report claims that Zehner was being aggressive but was given a chance to write a statement, which he declined. Police then arrested Zehner for the battery of a uniformed security officer. He was taken to jail, while his wife and son were “trespassed” from the Park — meaning they are banned for a certain amount of time — possibly for life.

Disney arrest

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While Disney Cast Members and security try to make every Guest’s day magical, they are more than allowed to escort troublesome visitors from the Park. Walt Disney World Resort — as well as every other Disney Resort — is private property with its own set of rules and regulations. Any Guest who violates those rules may be asked to leave. If the Guest’s behavior is problematic enough, Disney may ban them from any and all Disney property. The ban may last anywhere from a month to a year. Particularly egregious behavior — like Zehner’s — may even result in a lifetime ban.

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