Charges Filed, Lifetime Bans Reportedly Issued After Massive Magic Kingdom Brawl

Magic Kingdom fight
Credit: Disney/SweetIsMe Twitter

Walt Disney World may be known as The Most Magical Place on Earth, but Guests visiting Magic Kingdom Park recently saw something that was far from magical. In fact, it was downright despicable. Two families got into an argument between the Fantasyland show Mickey’s PhilharMagic and Peter Pan’s Flight, which devolved into an all-out brawl between the two large parties. There was screaming, cursing, shoving, punching, and crying children and members of each group ended up with cuts and scrapes and even large gashes. It was something no one should see at the Parks and absolutely no one should engage in.

Magic Kingdom Fight

Credit: SweetIsMe Twitter

The Guests were escorted from the Park, with some of them being taken to the hospital for treatment by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. We are now learning that arrests have been made following the fight and charges have been filed. According to a report from Komo News:

At least three people were facing charges after a brawl that was captured on video broke out at Walt Disney World this week, according to reports.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday arrested three people for misdemeanor battery in connection with the fight, which took place at the Magic Kingdom inside Fantasyland, behind Cinderella’s Castle, and in front of Peter Pan’s Flight.

Law enforcement authorities said at least one person was taken to the hospital for treatment of minor injuries and a second person suffered facial injuries.

Cinderella Castle at Night

Credit: Disney

A bystander spoke to Disney Dining about the brawl and how it started:

The sister of the man in the green shirt realized she left her phone in her ECV and left the line to go retrieve it. When she returned  White Shirt family did not want to let her back through at which point they pushed her. 

The sister made her way back to her brother where they proceeded to watch the show without further incident.  

After the show, however, White Shirt Family was waiting for Green Shirt at the attraction’s exit. Green Shirt told them that he didn’t want any trouble, but according to the bystander we spoke with, White Shirt Family ganged up on him and “jumped him”. 

Several bystanders and Cast Members attempted to break it up but the scene was so chaotic no one could get a handle on the situation.  

Expletives were shouted and at one point White Shirt Family called Green Shirt and his sister “terrorists” according to the bystander. 

magic kingdom fight

Credit: SweetIsMe Twitter

Video of the fight is still circulating on Twitter, including the one you can watch below:

This video of a Magic Kingdom fight posted on Facebook is crazy. But I’m with the person who filmed this. Where is security??

Security escorted all members of both parties out of the theme park, and reports are circulating that members of the party NOT in matching shirts were banned from Disney for life, but we cannot confirm those reports. We know that members of the white shirt family were arrested, but do not know if they were also issued lifetime bans — although it would not be surprising if they were as well. If true, the lifetime ban means that those Guests are not welcome at any Disney theme park, any Disney Hotel, or other Disney locations like Disney Springs. Those who are banned can always appeal the ban, but Disney may uphold it.

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