‘Disney Karen’ Creates a Stand-off in Parking Lot

Disney karen
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Another day, another Guest showing out at Disney. Get it together people! Recent bad behavior has led to arrests, policy changes, and most entertaining of all, social media ridicule. From brawling families, to parents purposely dropping children in ride tracks the behavior displayed in the Parks has reached an all-time low. 

Everyone is welcome to enjoy Disney Parks no matter their age. However, just because Parks are designed for both the young and young at heart doesn’t mean your maturity level should match. Unfortunately some didn’t get that memo. Enter “Parking Lot Karen.” Parking Lot Karen was recently caught on camera displaying some of the most immature we’ve seen from an adult at Disney (and it rivals some children too).

Disneyland is considerably smaller than Walt Disney World and because of this their parking situation differs drastically from that in Florida. In California there is a parking garage just outside of the theme parks as well as the Toy Story lot which is down the street. The Toy Story lot is walkable to both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure but it is far less convenient. Depending on when you arrive, you may not have a choice as to where to park because, like at Disney World, parking lot attendees direct you to a spot. As the day goes on, the parking lot attendees stop directing traffic and you’re able to find a spot anywhere you can.

Disneyland karen

Credit: Disney

It isn’t uncommon for someone to park further away and then have a family member save a spot closer to the Parks as they are walking in. That’s what happened with Parking Lot Karen. The video shows her standing on a spot to save it while her family member went back to their car to move it to the better location. While that wouldn’t be a problem ordinarily, an issue came up when another car wanted to park in the spot the woman was standing in. A stand-off ensued. 

Disney karen

Credit: TikTok/@Cavezascavezas

She refused to move and the car refused to find a different spot. The two engaged in a stand-off of sorts. Neither wanted to give in. The car let her know her actions were against the rules but Parking Lot Karen didn’t care. She clearly thought the rules were for other people. She defiantly starred the car down, as if willing it to move with her sheer stubbornness.

She had met her match though, the car wouldn’t budge. Everyone had sore end of night feet to think about and no one was willing to give up the close parking space. Eventually, though, she gave in and moved out of the way. Not without making faces and…checks notes…aggressively dancing at the car in question. She had to make her frustration known I suppose.

Credit: TikTok/@Cavezascavezas

Disney’s official policy is that parking is first come first served. Saving spaces is ok but you must yield to a car attempting to park. On your next visit, don’t be like Parking Lot Karen. Give the right of way to vehicles Attempting to pull into a parking space. You can view the entire video here. 

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