Weirdest Things Overheard At Disney Theme Parks

Overheard at Disney

People can be weird – there’s no question about it. Disney Parks attract a wide variety of people from different walks of life and can be a pretty stressful trip for some families. Sometimes, this leads to overhearing some pretty strange things.

1. “This was fun to ride after dark!” at the end of Pirates of the Caribbean, which is a completely indoor ride.

2. “I JUST WANT TO SPAWN!” Those Guests were probably trying to get from Space Mountain in Tomorrowland to Big Thunder Railroad in Frontierland and getting lost in a hoard of tourists.

3. A child at the start of Pirates of the Caribbean earnestly asks, “Will we survive?”

Pirates of the Caribbean


4. After wearing a face mask on Splash Mountain: “Wow I just got waterboarded at Disneyland!”

5.  “YOU RUINED IT FOR THE WHOLE LOG!” When someone flipped off the camera on Splash Mountain, meaning no one could have the picture.

6. “You’re bubbling me out right now.” A plea to a bubble-gun happy toddler.

7. “For God’s sake Brenda, stop buying things!” Honestly, this could have been overheard at any gift shop.

8. “Ducks are not allergic to pickles Diane!” Seems like Diane just wanted to feed the ducks some of her leftovers.

Splash Mountain Log


These ones need no explanation:

1. “I know you’re bored but we waited in line for over an hour to meet Ariel earlier and now Mommy wants to meet Jafar because Jafar is Mommy’s type okay?”

2. “I’ve cried tears of joy here. I’ve cried tears of sorrow here.”

3. “Is this the line for Allison? Allison Wonderland?”


Alice in Wonderland


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And last, but certainly not least:

1. A Guest at the end of the night saying “I’m all Disney’d out” and a Cast Member said “Me too.”

The above conversations were reported by listeners visiting Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland, as documented in the Reddit threads below. Check them out below for more details and scenes.

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