Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is Walt Disney World Resort’s third theme park. Filled with Hollywood charm, check out the latest news and details about the Disney Park here.

Former Disney Imagineers Reveal the Truth About Abandoned Disney Attraction

Star Wars attraction Galaxys Edge

Many Disney fans enjoy learning about all of the iconic Disney attractions that have been scrapped over the years. However, this newly talked about project may be one of our most devastating losses ever. Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge is a groundbreaking addition to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, immersing visitors in the captivating world of Star Wars like never before. With a ...

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CONFIRMED: Disney World to Revive a Closed $400 Million Experience

Disney auditions

Disney execs have confirmed plans to breathe new life into a recently closed $400 million experience at the Walt Disney World Resort. Disney Attraction and Experience Closures Are Not New Disney Parks have been in existence since Walt Disney oversaw the construction of the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, which opened to guests on July 17, 1955. Just 16 years ...

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Guests Irritated After Disney Attraction Removes Gun Violence

Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular

Over the last few years, The Walt Disney Company has pledged to remove many aspects of the Disney Parks that are deemed “problematic.” This has meant removing rides and attractions based on harmful source material and fixing some out-of-date stereotypes that used to be found throughout the parks. Disney has also been mindful to remove anything that glamorizes gun violence. ...

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Three Major Walt Disney World Attractions Suddenly Refuse Service to Guests

Hollywood Studios

Walt Disney World ride closures are not uncommon, as the park takes great care to ensure the safety and enjoyment of its guests. However, it is quite rare to have three iconic rides closed simultaneously, which is the case today. Today, January 26, guests have been refused ride service at three of Walt Disney World Resorts’ most popular attractions. Related:¬†COMBINING ...

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Walt Disney World to Enforce Age Restrictions at Oga’s Cantina?

Oga's Cantina

As times change, so does Walt Disney World. Disney and its massive family-friendly resort in Orlando, Florida, must also adapt as the culture shifts. One change that has rubbed some guests the wrong way over the years is the influence and promotion of alcohol across their theme parks. Although much of that conversation centers around EPCOT and the pastime of ...

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Tower of Terror vs. Haunted Mansion: Which is Better?

Tower of Terror vs haunted mansion

It’s an age-old question. Well, maybe not. But it’s a few decades old. Which is a better ride at Walt Disney World Resort, the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror or the Haunted Mansion? Related: New Haunted Mansion Expansion Coming Soon to Disney Park They both attempt to scare riders through a ghostly backstory, special effects, and unsettling buildings. But let’s ...

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‘Walt Disney Presents’ to Close at Walt Disney World

Hollywood Studios

2024 is set to bring numerous new and exciting theme park additions to Walt Disney World Resort. As the Walt Disney Company enters it’s 101st year of existence, fans are expecting big things when it comes to new rides, restaurants, meet and greets, and overall experiences. While 2024 is bringing lots of new offerings to Disney, it will also bring ...

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Two of Disney World’s Flagship Attractions Are Out of Commission

out of order disney world attractions

Thursday morning brought some unwelcomed and unplanned-for surprises to guests at Disney World, as two of the resort’s fan-favorite flagship attractions were non-operational. It doesn’t matter whether fans of the Walt Disney World Resort are seven, seventeen, or 70 years old, most of them will tell you they have a favorite attraction (or two or three or four). For some, ...

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