Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is Walt Disney World Resort’s third theme park. Filled with Hollywood charm, check out the latest news and details about the Disney Park here.

Disney Will Get to Keep Reedy Creek District as Florida Lawmakers Reportedly U-Turn on Their Decision

desanjtis and iger

Things are looking up for the relationship between Disney and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis–so much so, that the two may become friends again very soon as Florida lawmakers are planning to reverse a move from April 2022 that would have dissolved Disney’s special tax district, meaning Disney’s Reedy Creek could survive after all. In March of this year, Florida legislators ...

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Cast Members Protest As Negotiations Heat Up

Disney Cast Member protest

Disney and Cast Members continue to be at odds as Union negotiations heat up. On Wednesday hundreds of Cast Members protested their wages, carrying signs and chanting “Disney workers need a raise”. This comes after  Local Workers 737, the Union that represents Cast Members, failed to reach an agreement last month. In October, after intense negotiations, the Union received an ...

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Viral Park Pass Announcement is FAKE

Disney park pass ending

Today a post has circulated on social media that Disney Park Reservations will end on January 9, 2023. It has been shared thousands of times, and people are gleefully celebrating the end of the much-hated reservation system that requires guests to reserve their Park days in advance.  With the exception of prices magically going down, the end of the Park ...

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New Savory Waffle Bowls Make Disney World Debut!

Hollywood Studios Waffle Bowls

When it comes to dining at Walt Disney World Resort, the possibilities are almost endless! With nearly 400 places to grab a bite — from fancy sit-downs to fun quick-service spots to stands that serve fresh popcorn and pretzels, there is something for everyone at The Most Magical Place on Earth. Disney also always wants to give Guests new and ...

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Hollywood Studios or Animal Kingdom? A Disney Park Comparison

Maybe you are in the planning stage of your Walt Disney World vacation, and you are trying to decide which Disney World Parks to visit. The most common question I get from friends planning a Disney vacation is how to choose between Disney Parks. If you are on the fence when choosing between a visit to Animal Kingdom or Disney’s Hollywood Studios, we got you. Let’s flesh out the differences ...

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Keep It Coming, Iger! Disney Genie+ Price Dips

Bob Iger Genie+ Price Dip

Chapek is out, and Disney CEO Bob Iger is in. With only a week back in the CEO position, it looks like Iger has some positive changes that could be on the way for theme park Guests. Since Iger’s return on November 20, 2022, he has already diagnosed Disney’s issue as it was “losing its soul” with Bob Chapek in ...

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Dine at PizzeRizzo for $160? Disney Offers New Upcharge Event

PizzeRizzo Upcharge Event

Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World Resort boasts some fantastic dining options. With fan favorites such as Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater to Hollywood Brown Derby, there are plenty of restaurants to enjoy a good meal. Unfortunately, one quick-service restaurant tends not to have the greatest reputation. Credit: Disney Disney’s PizzeRizzo, located in the Grand Avenue portion of Disney’s Hollywood Studios, ...

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Guest Struck By Firework During Fantasmic!

Disney Guest hit with fireworks

Fireworks are some of the most magical parts of any Disney vacation. Who doesn’t love to “oooh” and “ahhh” at the brilliant explosion overhead? Especially with Disney’s Penchant for pairing them with emotionally charged music, fireworks definitely become some of the most memorable parts of any Walt Disney World trip. For one guest, however, they got just a bit more ...

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