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Back Already?! Disneys Most Despised Eyesores Return Overnight

World Showcase Lagoon

It seems that we celebrated far too soon. Since the inception of the Disney theme parks, fans have always had opinions on the rides, attractions, restaurants, and other offerings that have been brought to life within the Parks. Discourse over what offerings are the best has been a part of the Disney community for as long as it has existed, ...

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Chris Evans Announces He Is Stepping Back From Acting; Expresses Interest in Making Furniture and Enjoying Autumn

chris evans' wedding captain america alba baptista marvel cinematic universe warrior nun star cape cod intimate ceremony wife friends

Marvel fans, you may want to sit down for this one. Over the last decade, the success and influence of the Marvel Universe, specifically the Avengers, has been undeniable. Its dominance in movie theatres has created numerous A-list celebrities. One of the most beloved and talented actors in the MCU is Captain America himself, Chris Evans. The Public’s Favorite Thanks ...

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Mysterious Black Ring Seen in the Skies Above Disney Park… Has a Portal Been Opened? Or Is It Just Nature?

Disneyland Smoke UFO

This is seriously creepy! Right now, the Disney Parks are extremely busy celebrating the Halloween season. There is truly no time quite like Halloween time at Disney, and this year will be no exception. At all six theme parks in the United States, Cast Members have been hard at work creating a fun, festive, and frightening environment for Guests to ...

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Couple SUES Disney Over Claims of A “Painful Wedgie” And “Permanent Bodily Injury” After Riding a Water Slide

Typhoon Lagoon Waterslide

A couple is taking legal action against Disney World, claiming that a water slide at the popular theme park caused a “painful wedgie,” which resulted in injury and emotional distress. The couple filed a lawsuit in Orange County, Florida, alleging negligence on the part of the Walt Disney World Resort where the incident took place. Typhoon Lagoon Becomes the Center ...

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Human Trafficking Bust Results in 219 Arrests, Including THREE Disney Employees

Arrest at Disney

This is truly a real-life nightmare. In a significant victory against the despicable crime of human trafficking, a recent bust in Polk County has resulted in the arrest of several individuals involved in this heinous trade. This operation, led by the Polk County Sheriff’s Office and its Sheriff Grady Judd, has struck a significant blow against this illegal industry.  Polk ...

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Following Netflix’s Lead, Disney+ Announces Plans to Eliminate Password Sharing

password sharing Disney Plus lock

Let the chaos begin… Earlier this year, the streaming giant Netflix shocked fans when they announced they would be cracking down on password-sharing. Password sharing, which is when groups of friends and families share access to one mutual account, has been a popular method since streaming services began. By restricting this practice, Netflix would be removing many users from Netflix, ...

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This Disney Merchandise Fail Proves That Size Does Matter…

walt disney world epcot night time ball spaceship earth drunk

It is safe to say that my expectations were not met… If there is one thing that Disney loves to produce, it’s merchandise. Whether it be clothing, Mickey and Minnie Mouse ear headbands, popcorn buckets, drink sippers, pins, or toys, Disney truly has something for every kind of fan. Merchandise sales are one of the many ways that Disney is ...

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Disney Bus Reportedly FLOODS, Trapping Fans Under Downpour: “WE HAVE NO WHERE to GO or MOVE”

castle storm

Guests visiting Walt Disney World Resort usually go expecting to have a picture-perfect vacation of their dreams. Perfect weather, low crowds, incredible interactions, and some extra pixie dust are the ideal wishes of every Disney Guest. However, any seasoned visitor can tell you that these requests often do not come true. Due to its tropical location, Florida is known for ...

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FIGHT on the Disney Trams: Punches Allegedly Thrown by Stroller-Clad Park Parents

Fight at Disneyland

What is going on?! When it comes to visiting the Disneyland Resort, Guests are always looking for the most convenient way to navigate the expansive grounds and make the most of their magical experience. That’s where the Disneyland trams come into play – they are a reliable and efficient transportation option that allows visitors to travel effortlessly between different areas ...

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