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Crush the Turtle is the Ultimate Wingman!

turtle talk with crush

This is a moment that Crush will never forget! There is no doubt about it: Disney is full of romance. Since the beginning, Disney has created some of the most epic and beautiful love stories of all time. For the last 100 years, fans from all over the world have been able to watch and experience tons of true fairytale endings. Many ...

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This LEAKED “The Little Mermaid” LEGO Set is Magical

The Little Mermaid LEGO

Fans of The Little Mermaid are going to love this! Right now, Disney fans are preparing for one of the most significant theatrical events of the year. The event in question is the new live-action version of The Little Mermaid that is set to come to theatres on May 26, 2023. Fans of Ariel the Disney Princess are anxious to see the film ...

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One Man Proposes at Disney TEN TIMES

disney proposal

For many, Walt Disney World is the most magical place on earth. Every year, millions of Guests flock to the parks to experience the joy of Disney. Many couples also head to Walt Disney World Resort to start their own happily ever after with a proposal or Fairy tale wedding. If you are a regular visitor to Disney Parks, chances ...

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Elemental Director Speaks Out After Backlash From Fans


Over the years, Pixar and Disney have been responsible for creating some of the most iconic and loved movies and shorts. There have been so many smash-hit movies from them that almost every fan has a different opinion of what the best Pixar movie is. Because they have built up such a reputation for themselves, fans have begun to expect ...

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Another Pride Event Comes to Disney

Disney pride

If you are looking for more Disney LGBTQ+ pride events, you are in luck! It was just announced that the Walt Disney Company would be adding a new way to celebrate pride in the Parks. This new series of events will transform the Parks into a full-on pride festival. Iconic Disney characters will also be involved in the celebrations. The ...

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Former Cast Member Exposes Abuse and Manipulation Behind the Scenes

disneyland castle storm

This is not a good look for the Walt Disney Company. Working for Disney Parks is not an easy job. Cast Members have to deal with large crowds, demanding Guests, and tough weather nearly every day. Usually, Cast Members are able to push through the difficulties of the job because they enjoy the magic and community that working at Disney provides. Unfortuanly, ...

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Disney Could Be Getting a Transgender Princess

Trans princess

In recent years, the Walt Disney Company has made a point to share more stories about LGBTQ+ communities. This is part of the company’s dedication to promoting diversity and inclusion within its content. Disney’s decision to include LGBTQ+ characters in its content has been divisive amongst the supporters of the company. While many shareholders and fans want Disney to pull ...

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Should Disney Ban Young Children?

guests with mickey mouse

There is no doubt about it–Disney Parks are beautiful and magical places for children to enjoy. The immersive atmosphere and interactive elements make it a dream for most children. Since the beginning, both Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort have been created with children in mind. As time has passed, the Parks eventually have become geared more and more ...

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