IT’S OFFICIAL: Disneyland’s Splash Mountain Is Closing In May!

It’s official: the Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah days of Disneyland Park’s Splash Mountain attraction are numbered.

Splash Mountain

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In January of 2023, Guests and fans of Walt Disney World’s classic Splash Mountain ride said their final goodbyes to the log flume attraction.

Although the closure came as a surprise to no one, many fans were still devastated by the loss. During a prior D23 event, it had been announced that both Splash Mountain attractions in Magic Kingdom and Disneyland Park would close due to the controversial source material, Song of the South (1946).

splash mountain

Credit: Disney Parks

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Although the caricature-like character, Uncle Remus, never appears in either attraction, the Song of the South film has been widely considered offensive toward the African American community due to the racial stereotypes being portrayed and the harmful ideas it perpetuated at the time, and can still perpetuate today.

Splash Mountain

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In fact, Song of the South is so offensive that the Walt Disney Company has never distributed it and has actually tried its best to cover up the film in its entirety. Hence, the closure of Splash Mountain.

And what better way to make amends than to dedicate the re-theme entirely to Disney’s first African American princess, Tiana?

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Finally, the day has come for Disneyland Park’s Splash Mountain ride to close as well. The closing date has officially been confirmed as May 31, giving Guests and fans a little over a month to experience the classic log flume ride before it reaches its own eternal “laughing place.”

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