Unique View Shows Walt Disney Imagineering Hidden In Plain Sight as Demolition of Splash Mountain Continues

Earlier this year, on January 23, Disney history was made as Splash Mountain closed its doors forever.

This classic attraction was well beloved for many years. But after considering how offensive the source material has been toward the African American community, the Walt Disney Company decided to retheme the log flume ride entirely.


Credit: Disney

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Beginning with Magic Kingdom, both Splash Mountain rides will be dismantled and rethemed into Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. At this point, Disneyland Park’s Splash Mountain ride is still operating in Critter Country.

However, Magic Kingdom’s Splash Mountain ride is gone…but not forgotten!

In fact, many fans have made a point to document the process of the attraction being taken down as Walt Disney Imagineering works their Disney magic.

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In this aerial photo taken by Twitter user @bioreconstruct, we can see that a boom crane has been lowered and hidden from view, keeping the Disney magic alive for Guests.

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This photo shows the Splash Mountain attraction absolutely covered in scaffolding as Walt Disney Imagineering rethemes it into Tiana’s Bayou Adventure.

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Here, we can see that two boom cranes are hidden from Guests, not just one. As per usual, the Walt Disney Company is dedicated to maintaining the performance and illusion of Magic Kingdom.

In Walt Disney World Resort, it’s not uncommon for much of the construction of a new attraction to be done at night. This keeps the illusion from shattering, preserving the Disney magic for visiting Guests.

From what we can see in these photos, it seems like that’s what’s happening with the construction of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure.

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