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Willy Wonka Fiasco Leaves Marvel Star Begging For Role

karen Gillan Willy Wonka experience

If you have been on the internet over the past week or so, then you have probably heard of the viral Willy Wonka experience that was an unmitigated DISASTER. Willy’s Chocolate Experience was set to take place in Glasgow, Scotland, and promised to transport guests to a chocolate wonderland, complete with an Enchanted Garden, an Imagination Lab, and a Twilight ...

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Taylor Swift Movie Revealed on Disney+

Taylor swift Disney + universal music group tiktok

Taylor Swift has become a powerhouse in the music industry and a force to be reckoned with in the world of visual storytelling. And in recent years, her collaboration with Disney+ has added a new chapter to her already illustrious journey. Taylor Swift and Disney+ began working in 2020, a year fraught with uncertainty and challenges for many. Amidst the ...

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UPDATE: Disney World Returns Axed Perk For Its Most Loyal Fans

cinderella castle magic kingdom

Disney World Annual Passholders enjoy an array of perks that add magic to guests’ Disney World experience. These perks make being a Passholder a coveted status among Disney enthusiasts. First and foremost, Annual Passholders have the freedom to visit Walt Disney World Resort throughout the year, allowing them to immerse themselves in the enchanting world of Disney whenever they please. ...

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Universal Orlando Shutting Down Kid-Favorite Ride

Universal Islands of Adventure

Universal Orlando Resort promises an unforgettable adventure filled with thrills, magic, and immersive experiences. However, Universal Orlando Resort attractions occasionally undergo closures for maintenance, refurbishment, or enhancement projects like any theme park destination. Universal Orlando Resort prioritizes maintaining its attractions to the highest standards of safety and quality. As such, periodic closures are scheduled throughout the year to conduct routine ...

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Couple Ties the Knot With 10-Tiered Disney Wedding Cake

Disney Wedding Cake

Disney superfans Sean and Siobhan exchanged vows with a special themed ceremony–a magical ceremony sure to get them off to the perfect start. And of course, they had to have a fantastic Disney wedding cake to celebrate! Siobhan Perdue, age 24, loves Disney, and she married her Disney-loving fiance, Sean. Their over-the-top wedding featured Disney touches throughout the event, but ...

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Shield Your Eyes: 8 Awful Disney Cakes From Across The Web

Disney Theme Ugly Cakes

The internet is an excellent platform for budding Disney chefs to share some stupendous works of art. These awful Disney cakes, regrettably, aren’t. We’ve compiled eight of the most fantastically dreadful Disney cakes from around the internet that are both hilarious and horrifying. Strap in for some hilariously terrible Disney cakes! Related: Disney Criticized For Unrealistic Body Depiction in Short ...

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Best Character Dining Hacks You Need for A Disney Vacation

Disney Character Dining

If a Disney family vacation is on your schedule for this year, you are probably drafting your Disney dining plan. You are not short on options with so many fun and interactive eating options at Walt Disney World. Disney character dining is one of the most fun and unique dining options at Disney World. Character dining at Disney World allows ...

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Is ‘Bluey’ Moving?! Major Changes Could Be On the Way!

Is Bluey moving season 4

If you have children or are a fan of children’s programming, heck, even if you aren’t, you have probably heard of the hit show, Bluey. Bluey revolves around Bluey, an Australian Blue Heeler dog, and the rest of her family who live in Brisbane, Australia. Bluey is seven and has a younger sister, Bingo, and they live with their mom and dad, ...

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Lucky Guests Can Now Stay at Cinderella Castle

Cinderella Castle Suite giveaway

Staying at Cinderella Castle is a dream come true for many Disney enthusiasts, offering a once-in-a-lifetime experience that immerses guests in the enchanting world of fairy tales. Tucked away in the heart of Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, this iconic landmark stands as a symbol of magic and fantasy, captivating guests from around the globe. Cinderella Castle serves ...

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Best Budget Bites: McDonald’s at Disney

McDonald's Image

Are you planning a magical trip to the happiest place on Earth? Well, if you’re near Los Angeles, California, or near Orlando, Florida, we’ve got a little secret to share with you – a hidden gem that can make your Disney adventure even more enchanting. Yes, you guessed it right! We’re talking about McDonald’s at Disney. Now, you might be ...

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