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“Suspicious” Disney Guest Gets Tackled After Jumping Into Parade Route

Tokyo Disneyland Guest Obstructs Parade

Multiple videos have been shared on social media showing a Disney Park Guest jumping into the middle of a parade route at Tokyo Disneyland Resort, then being tackled to the ground and forcefully removed. On December 13, 2022, a performance of the Disney Christmas Stories Parade at Tokyo Disneyland Resort was underway, featuring Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse, Minnie ...

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The Greatly Missed Robin Williams Is Trending on Social Media

Robin Williams Disney Legend

Inducted as a Disney Legend in 2009, the memory of the highly talented American actor and comedian Robin Williams is trending on social media. On August 11, 2014, news rocked the entertainment industry as word spread of Robin Williams’ passing. Disney fans especially knew Robin Williams as the talented voice performer for the iconic Disney character, Genie, in Disney’s animated ...

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VIDEO: ‘Olaf’ Gets Soaked on Disney’s Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain and Olaf

Josh Gad, the ever-so-popular voice actor of Olaf from the Frozen franchise, recently took to social media to share a video of getting drenched while riding Magic Kingdom’s iconic Splash Mountain attraction. It seems like not only are Disney fans hurrying to Walt Disney World Resort one last time to experience Splash Mountain, but famous celebrities are doing the same! ...

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Disney Wanted Brendan Fraser to Do a ‘George of the Jungle’ Sequel, But Wasn’t Willing to Pay Up

George of the Jungle

The 1990s were a big time for Disney movies, with hits like Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Toy Story, Nightmare Before Christmas, The Rescuers Down Under, and Hocus Pocus being released during that time. There was also another movie that was released that wasn’t the studio’s biggest hit, but it has become a cult classic that people remember fondly — George of the ...

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Disney Brags About New Advertisers, and NO ONE Is Impressed

Disney Brags about New Advertisers

There is Disney news to get excited about… then there is THIS. Today, December 8, 2022, is the big day. The Walt Disney Company and Bob Chapek’s massive money-channeling project has come to fruition. Disney+ has officially entered the ad-supported streaming platform. Credit: Disney While we would think this is something Disney would do quietly… as it’s only an increase ...

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Millions Are Left Without Access to the New Disney+ Ad-Supported Tier

Disney+ Basic

Disney+ launched its ad-supported subscription tier  (Disney Basic) today, but not all users are able to access it. Users who stream on the popular Roku device are finding error messages rather than their favorite Disney content. Many users are confused, and others are just upset that they feel they must pay the higher price in order to continue watching when ...

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