Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Walt Disney World Resort is home to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park. Check out all the Park’s tips, tricks, and more found here.

Hollywood Studios or Animal Kingdom? A Disney Park Comparison

Maybe you are in the planning stage of your Walt Disney World vacation, and you are trying to decide which Disney World Parks to visit. The most common question I get from friends planning a Disney vacation is how to choose between Disney Parks. If you are on the fence when choosing between a visit to Animal Kingdom or Disney’s Hollywood Studios, we got you. Let’s flesh out the differences ...

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Keep It Coming, Iger! Disney Genie+ Price Dips

Bob Iger Genie+ Price Dip

Chapek is out, and Disney CEO Bob Iger is in. With only a week back in the CEO position, it looks like Iger has some positive changes that could be on the way for theme park Guests. Since Iger’s return on November 20, 2022, he has already diagnosed Disney’s issue as it was “losing its soul” with Bob Chapek in ...

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Moana Boat Ride Coming to Disney World? NEW Patent Suggests So

Moana boat ride

At D23, some announcements were made that didn’t feel much like announcements at all. “Blue were made about what is “possible” and “being considered” and that didn’t sit well with fans. Things like Villains Kingdom and plans for what exactly to do with the now defunct Dinoland USA were “floated” without being promised. My guess is because they made so ...

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The Failed Disney KiteTails Show Lives On

Disney KiteTails Crash

It happens. While we like to believe Walt Disney World Resort will get it right every time, no company is perfect, and flops occur. Disney KiteTails, daytime entertainment recently offered at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, may have been pulled from the Disney Park… but it seemingly lives on! Credit: Disney Disney KiteTails launched at Disney’s Animal Kingdom on October 1, 2021, ...

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Disney’s Genie+ Sees a Major Improvement


When price increases Disney’s Genie+ were announced last month Guests were…confused. The new pricing structure varied by day and what it cost yesterday would not necessarily be what it costs today and likely won’t be what it costs tomorrow. This led to an outcry from Guests that the process is now needlessly confusing. Especially since the price wasn’t prominently displayed ...

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Disney World Ticket Prices Will Increase Next Month

Disney ticket increase

If you plan to take your family to Disney for Christmas, you’ll need to budget a bit more this year because prices have, predictably increased. When price hikes came to Disneyland last month we knew it wouldn’t be long until they came to Disney World as well. Today that price increase was announced, and a new ticket pricing structure as ...

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Disney Provides Annual Pass Sales Update with Price Hike

Annual Pass Price Hike

To the disappointment of many Disney fans, Walt Disney World Resort’s Annual Pass sales have been on hold for some time now. FINALLY, we do have an update from Disney, but it’s not the update we wanted to hear. While current Annual Passholders have been able to renew Walt Disney World Annual Passes to take advantage of discounts and even ...

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