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RETURN OF ‘Fantasmic!’ Announced, Fate of Maleficent Revealed

Mickey Mouse at Fantasmic

In April a fire broke out during Fantasmic! at Disneyland. The Maleficent dragon animatronic malfunctioned during the show and caught fire. The show ended abruptly and the theater was evacuated. That was the last time Fantasmic! Was shown at Disneyland. The nighttime spectacular, which debuted at Disneyland in 1992, follows Mickey Mouse into a dream world where he must face ...

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Legendary Disney Animator Dies at 73

Randy Fullmer

Randy Fullmer, a legendary Disney animator, has died at age 73. Fullmer was a special effects animator and helped bring about the Disney Renaissance. He began his career at Don Bluth Studio, the studio behind All Dog’s Go to Heaven, Secrets of  NHIM, the Fivel films, and Thumbelina. During his career at Disney he worked on groundbreaking films like Who ...

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FIRE at Animal Kingdom Lodge- Guests Evacuated

Animal Kingdom lodge fire

Occasionally things do not go according to plan on your Disney World Vacation which many unfortunately discovered last night. While we wish Disney existed in a bubble where nothing bad ever happened, sadly, that’s just not true. Tragedy sometimes strikes and the unexpected can occur, even at the Happiest Place on Earth! Many discovered that last night after Animal Kingdom ...

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NEW Menu Revealed at Trail’s End Restaurant and Davy Crockett’s Tavern

Trail's End Restaurant

You Walt Disney World vacation is about to get more delicious! Trail’s End Restaurant and Davy Crockett’s Tavern are BACK! Earlier this year Trail’s End left Fort Wilderness Campground guests in a pickle when it closed leaving campers without a casual dining food option. For those wishing to have a table service meal only the (expensive) Hoop-de-Doo Revue remained open. ...

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Johnny Depp Disregards Health Concerns to Finish Tour

Johnny Depp health crisis addiction

We recently reported that Hollywood Vampires, a supergroup that includes Johnny Depp, canceled their most recent performances. The last-minute cancellations have set the rumor mill ablaze, and concerned Depp fans everywhere have been left wondering if he is OK.  Johnny Depp:  Health In Crisis Despite the multiple cancellations and unofficial statements confirming drug use, the band has remained silent about ...

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ESPN Announcer Collapses On Air

ESPN announcer collapses

A tragedy on the airwaves. Shaka Hislop, an ESPN Broadcaster, collapsed live on-air Sunday. Hislop is a former Premier League soccer player from the United Kingdom, where he played for Newcastle, West Ham, and Portsmouth in the 1990s. Now he lends his expert voice to ESPN and gives commentary on soccer matches. Related: Activist Investor Wants Disney to Sell ESPN  ...

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‘The Nanny’ Has Harsh Words for Bob Iger, Calls Him an Ignoramus

Bob iger Fran drescher

Bob Iger has made many enemies during his storied career. From politicians, like Florida Gov Ron DeSantis, to other studio executives, there are many that we would expect to lead the charge against him. Fran Drescher, on the other hand, seems like an unlikely adversary. Nevertheless, some of the fiercest criticism of the two-time CEO of the Walt Disney Company ...

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Walt Would Be Proud of Disney’s Newest Popcorn Bucket

Disneyland Railroad popcorn bucket

Disneyland ParkAll aboard! Disney has a new popcorn bucket that would make Walt proud. Walt Disney was known for his love of trains. He loved them so much that he even had a miniature gauge railroad, the Carolwood Express, installed in his backyard! So, when Disneyland was being built, naturally, one of the first rides Walt wanted in his theme ...

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Reports of Addiction Crisis After Johnny Depp Found Unconscious in Hotel Room

Hollywood Vampires Johnny depp substance abuse

Johnny Depp’s band Hollywood Vampires have now unexpectedly canceled three back to back performances. The Supergroup, which consists of Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, and Joe Perry have apologized for the cancellations but not given any explanation.  That means fans are going to do what fans do: speculate. They were concerned after the first and second cancellations but the third cancellation ...

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