You Can Now Eat Jeff Goldblum

Jeff goldblum brownie I am Malcolm brownie
Credit: Universal

You read that title right. You can now eat Jeff Goldblum. Out of all of the things we ever thought we’d report, a shirtless Jeff Goldblum Brownie isn’t one of them, and yet, here we are. Universal Orlando Resort never fails to entertain with their sense of humor.

This summer’s tribute store is Jurrasic Park, themed to celebrate the franchise’s 30th anniversary.  If you’ve never experienced one of Universal’s tribute stores, you’re missing out. They are a complete experience in and of themselves. From exclusive (and sometimes elusive) merchandise to treats to one-of-a-kind photo ops, Universal’s tribute stores have it all.

Ian malcom brownie Jeff goldblum brownie

Credit: Universal

We love that they have recreated some of Jurrasic Park’s most iconic scenes. Our favorite photo op? The toilet scene. Yes, friends, that’s right, you can eat Jeff Goldblum and get your picture taken on the toilet all in one place!

The best part about the Jurassic Park Tribute Store, though, is the Ian Makcom Brownie. Jeff Goldblum’s iconic shirtless scene in the original Jurassic Park Movie has become the stuff of legends (and countless internet memes). He once attempted to exomsin the scene when he appeared on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon bit was a bit fuzzy on the details. ““Did I say, ‘Steven [Spielberg], please let me, as long as I’m here, you know, you don’t want to miss this,” or did he say, “Jeff, please, come on, let’s see something? I don’t know, it just happened,” Goldblum said.

Ian malcom brownie Jeff goldum brownie

Credit: Derek Funk

The scene is now immortalized in confectionary infamy. The treat is incredibly popular, too, so if you want one,  we suggest going early. Luckily, the Jurrasic Park Tribute Store is open until late summer, so you’ve got plenty of time to get your hands on this dish (the brownie. We mean the brownie).  At $8.00 this is one pricey brownie, but honestly, we do not mind. We love a good joke and come in, we wouldn’t be Disney Dining if we didn’t love food!

Ian Malcom brownie Jeff goldblum brownie

Credit: Twitter/@OfficiallyEmi

Not only is this, perhaps, the most Instagramable brownie ever, but it is also delicious! The brownie is moist and rich and it features a decadent caramel ribbon to hold up the white chocolate Ian Malcom because, you know, if you’re going to eat Jeff Goldblum, you’re going to want everyone to see you do it. So, is it worth it? You bet Jurrasic is!

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