Guest Shares GENIUS New Tron Hack

Tron Lightcyle
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Tron Lightcyle / Run has been criticized for its size restrictions. When it opened, many took to social media to express their disappointment that they could not fit on the ride. Many guests criticized Disney for what they saw as a lack of inclusivity. Others dismissed the criticism explaining that the ride’s restrictions are for safety purposes.

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Tron Lightcyle / Run is the newest ride at Walt Disney World.  The Magic Kingdom roller coaster opened on April 4th after nearly five years of construction.  The highly anticipated ride is one of the fastest at Disney World. It put riders in the grid as Team Blue to chase down Team Orange through the digitized world of Tron. When previews of the ride began, many would-be riders noticed that they did not fit on the ride.

tron lightcycle run

Credit: Disney

While Disney has not made an official statement on what the size requirements are (which would be helpful, honestly), The size restrictions do not seem to have as much to do with weight as they do height and calf circumference. This makes sense given the ride’s unique vehicle structure, which requires riders’ legs to be strapped in.

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One Reddit user, r/tanman536789, however, decided to be a problem solver instead of merely discussing the issue. The first time he tried to ride during AP Previews, he found that he didn’t fit due to his calf size. Despite multiple tips from Cast Members about proper foot placement, he ended up unable to get the bike seat to lock correctly.

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Credit: Disney

He recently returned home from another trip to Walt Disney World and took to Reddit to share a clever hack he discovered. Before riding, he slipped on a pair of compression sleeves over his calves to try and become as compact as possible. Skeptically, he got in line to ride, and to his surprise, he fit! He wanted to share his experience with others so that it could help someone else. He said, “I know this won’t work for everyone, but if you are right on the border with calf size, I would say give the sleeves a try and ask cast members for the foot placement tips.” For reference, elsewhere in the thread, he said that his calves were 21″.

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Ideas like this have circulated on social media for quite some time. When Animal Kingdom’s Flight of Passage opened up, bust and waist size were an issue. Many wore shapewear to better their chances of being able to ride. Universal Orlando has had similar problems with larger guests fitting. Tips and tricks are handy but do make sure that none of the tips and tricks you’re using will put your safety at risk. Compression sleeves are one thing and are actually a genius idea. Adding pool noodles to your kid’s shoes to trick the height requirement is entirely another. Just don’t. Stay safe!

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