TikTok User Faces MAJOR Backlash over Irresponsible Disney ”Hack”

Unsafe disney hack

A TikTok user has become the center of a huge social media scandal after posting videos of what he believed to be a great Disney “hack.” In actuality, his hack is incredibly dangerous and could have led to some serious danger for his younger son, who the hack was for.

Disney “Hack” Goes Too Far

TikTok user @the.kelly.fam typically posts wholesome family content. The family has amassed 1.2 million app followers and earned over 35.4 million likes since they created their account. Needless to say, @the.kelly.fam has a huge following of people who love and respect their parenting skills and look to their videos for positive content. This expectation is a huge reason why fans were disgusted to see the new video they posted.

Scary tiktok hack

Credit: @the.kelly.fam

In the video, the father of the Kelly family explains that his son, Kannon, is a thrillseeker who “can’t get enough of Disney Park rides.” Unfortunatly, Kannon is too small to ride the larger roller coasters. The family created a “hack” to get their child on the ride ahead of their Disney trip. With some flip-flops and superglue, the parents made extra tall platform shoes for Kannon to boost his height and pass the ride height requirements.

Immediatly after posting the video, followers began to call out how dangerous it was for them to do this. Height restrictions are meant to protect the safety of children at the Parks, and disobeying them is being reckless with your children’s well being. The Disney rider height requirements use height as an indicator for the overall size of a child’s body. This means that wearing platformed shoes would not prevent your child slipping out on a ride. The Kelly family also received backlash for posting a video on their Youtube channel proving their hack worked. In the video, their young rider snuck on to two attractions with the height boosting shoes.

Public Demands Apology after Video Goes Viral

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After thousands of negative comments, @the.kelly.fam issues an “apology” video on social media. In the video, the TikTok user declairs, “I would never ever put my kids in actual danger.” People are not buying the apology, and are clearly very unhappy with the irresponsible parent.

The original video is still uploaded on @the.kelly.fam’s TikTok page. As of now, the content has amassed nearly 300,000 views for the TikTok account. Disney fans are panicked that more people will copy this behavior, potentially putting their children in risk.

The next time you visit Disneyland Resort or Walt Disney World Resort with small children, make sure not to use this “hack” from the Kelly family.

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