Popular TikToker Accused of Screaming Obscenities So He Could Clear Filming Area

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There is no question that social media is a huge part of many people’s lives. People use social media to share all sorts of stories and videos giving people hacks, tips, tricks, advice, really anything you can think of. One of the fastest-growing and most popular areas of social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok is the Disney fandom. There are TikTok and Instagram accounts dedicated to solely Disneyland Resort or Walt Disney World, food at Disney, ride experiences, characters, and more.

Kungaloosh at Disney's Skipper Canteen in Magic Kingdom

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While a lot of people make fun videos just to bring joy to Disney fans, some influencers — or wannabe influencers — take filming to a new level. They also give Disney influencers a bad name because of their poor behavior aimed at not only Guests, but also Cast Members. One such TikToker was recently called out for their appalling behavior while trying to film at Disneyland Park.

Disneyland Main Street Tour

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Redditor u/unique-butterfly02 said their family visited The Happiest Place on Earth and encountered TikToker The Jungle Skipper. They said that the man was trying to film at the Disneyland Fire Station, but there were other people around. In order to get people to leave, the young man started to shout inappropriate words like “diarrhea” until people got so uncomfortable they left.

Disneyland Fire Station

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You can read the Guest’s unpleasant experience below:

Just witnessed a tik tok streamer go onto the fire truck at night and sing obnoxiously loud so that other guests would leave the fire truck. Apparently he does it every stream and does an inspirational talk on the truck. He waited about 5 minutes and yelled obnoxiously loud about diarrhea so that he could have the truck to himself. To me, this takes the pure magic out of the park. I even commented about how it was rude and everyone in the live disagreed. The streamers are there every day and get to experience the same thing over and over. What if the other guests in the truck were there for the first time? And that’s the experience they get? They are very annoying and disrespectful to other guests.


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At first, the Guest didn’t share the name of the TikToker, but then did so when asked. They also said that they later saw the same person try to fight another Disneyland Resort Guest who was filming and creating their own content.

Many people commented that they have experienced the wrath of the influencer, and he is quickly becoming someone with a negative image. TikTokers and other social media “influencers” are gaining an increasingly negative persona, as they will act entitled or be rude to other Guests because they are so focused on their own videos.

Jason Jeter

Credit: Jason Jeter TikTok

Other Guests have shared stories about Instagrammers climbing over them, taking their spots, and acting generally entitled. Some of them have even tried to excuse their behavior by talking about their followers. If a social media influencer becomes too problematic, Disney may actually decide to ban them. One such influencer is currently fighting his lifetime theme park ban.

If you are trying to film content for your Disney social media platform, please remember that you are not the only Guest in the Park and other Guests have as much of a right to be there as you do. Kindness matters.

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