Popular Vloggers Called Out For Making Fun of Recent Disney Suicide

YouTubers Disneyland Suicide

On December 3, 2022, The Happiest Place on Earth was rocked by one incredibly sad event. A principal at an elementary school, just about 20 minutes from Disneyland, jumped to his death from a Disneyland Resort parking garage. The man had left a suicide note explaining why he decided to take such extreme action. As a result of the suicide, Disneyland trams were shut down for hours, and the local police were called in to investigate.

Mickey and Friends parking

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In the days and weeks surrounding the tragic suicide, Disney fans around the world encouraged those who were struggling to seek help. There were supportive messages, and the community tried to come together to ensure something like this did not happen again. However, two popular Disneyland vloggers decided to go the opposite route. Instead of sending their condolences and offerings messages of support, they recently walked through the Disneyland parking garage. They made jokes about jumping from the structure — and social media is not having it.


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The vloggers in question run the YouTube channel Magically Consumed and have since deleted the video. Unfortunately, as most people know, once something is put on the internet, it lives forever. Copies of the video quickly made the rounds, and Disney fans quickly called out the influencers for their disgusting behavior.


#duet with @reeekeee_ Disneyland live streamers make joke about tragic event at Disneyland #disneyland #disneyparks #californiaadventure #mickeymouse #disneyworld #disneytiktok

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Many were shocked that people would be so insensitive to such a devastating event, and they are right. It’s disheartening to see people knowingly make jokes about a tragic event so that they can make content. Social media users also called for the duo to be canceled.

This is disgusting! People like this is what’s wrong in the world. They should not have a platform. Their page is called Magically Consumed and they share disney and other park content. They aren’t being held accountable for their actions. Internet do your thing..

Others shared the video and tagged Disney, Disney Parks, and even Disney CEO Bob Iger.

A recent YouTube Live Stream clip from the channel Magically Consumed surfaced where the couple is filming themselves and is openly joking about the #Disneyland Mickey and Friends suicide that recently took place. Too soon?

@RobertIger @Disneyland @DisneyParks

Not too long after they were called out for the abhorrent behavior, they posted an “apology” video that spoke a lot about follower count and even saw some of the blame being placed on their camera.

They just did a 40 minute stream about the incident. Blamed it on their gimbal. GTFO. She was more worried about the viewer count during the “apology” stream than actually apologizing. Y’all didn’t have to do a 40 minute stream to apologize. Sorry. Calling you all out.

Some Twitter users pointed out that Magically Consumed may have followers who are struggling with their mental health. And their videos may have negatively affected those followers.

The tone of the explanation video (because it wasn’t an apology) is so flippant and gross.

Magically Consumed shows zero remorse for what they said.

I can only imagine how their followers felt if they have ever been in a similar mental space. Disgusting.

At this time, it looks like both the livestream YouTube video and the follow-up apology have been deleted. The YouTubers have also lost a lot of subscribers since their indefensible videos.

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