Did Popular Vloggers Really Visit Disney Knowing They Had COVID?

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Several months ago, we reported on a pair of Disney vloggers, who run the YouTube channel Best Life & Beyond, and were accused of taking a trip to Disneyland knowing that they had tested positive for the highly contagious virus, COVID-19. However, the vloggers took to social media to share that, although they were sick, they both tested negative for COVID, but one of them was still feeling pretty ill and that is why she did NOT go to the theme parks for the reopening of Pirates of the Caribbean.

However, it appears that they may have lied about testing negative.

Disney Vloggers

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Elizabeth Erickson shared on her Instagram stories that she had spoken to the person who runs the social media account Fresh Baked Disney. In that conversation — which was also shared on Reddit — Elizabeth shared that Katie Slockbower — the woman who runs Best Life & Beyond — knew that she had tested positive for COVID, but asked her friend (Fresh Baked Disney) to lie for her and say that she tested negative.

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Some were confused about the issue and asked exactly what was going on, so u/aqua_kittens — who made the original Reddit post — shared what she knew about the situation:

Fresh Baked Disney and Best Life and Beyond (BLAB) are two of the most popular Disneyland vloggers. A few months ago, Katie and Spencer from BLAB posted a video to their patreons (meaning you had to pay to see it) where Katie was coughing and looked visibly sick, but there was some kind of event going on at Disneyland the next day that they said they were going to attend even though she was very sick. I can’t remember what the event was but I think it had to do with Star Wars? Don’t quote me on that lol.

Anyway, they claimed that they “tested” for COVID but never came out and said that the tests were negative or that they don’t have COVID. One of their patreons posted the video here and it kind of blew up and everyone was accusing them, or at least Katie, of going to the park knowing that she had COVID. Elizabeth from Fresh Baked Disney confirmed that here and also said that BLAB was asking her and her husband David (the main host of Fresh Baked) to lie for them and say that they didn’t have COVID.

Edited: typos.

Second edit: the event they were going to was the reopening of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Third edit: After receiving backlash, Katie didn’t go to the POTC reopening but Spencer still did.

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As news of the possible lie started to circulate on social media, a petition to ban the vloggers from Disney has found new life. The petition to ban Best Life & Beyond was started months ago, but has received hundreds of new signatures since the Instagram and Reddit posts. The Change.org petition — which has more than 2,500 signatures, reads:

Katie Slockbower of Best Life and Beyond continues to break park rules and harass and attack park goers while recording her vlog posts at the park.  During one video she openly mocks a handicapped woman riding a scooter and during another vlog she attacks an African American family especially the children while on the Mark Twain after cutting the family off.  She has a history of making false claims against guests at the park.  She uses staff and security at the park as a weapon and constantly video’s about how she will use them against park goers. 

While in the park she sells her products and asks for money while videoing in the park which goes directly against park rules.  She continues to use her videos to encite hateful retoric against families and children as well as Disneyland itself.  Her partner Spencer and Charlie have used the park as a way to promote their products for personal gain.  She has made Disneyland and unsafe place for families and children. 

Her attitude and actions goes directly against the values and magic of Disney and they need to be stopped for creating videos inside the park that are meant to intimidate guests and promote selling of their personal merchandise.

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Best Life and Beyond has not responded to the claims that they lied about testing positive for COVID and went to Disney knowing they were sick.

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