Disney Vloggers Accused of Going to the Parks Knowing They Had COVID

Disney Vloggers
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If there is one thing that has been a hot topic of conversation lately, it is Disney adults. People love debating about whether Disney adults need to grow up, or if they are simply adults who love to enjoy a day at a magical theme park. Disney Instagrams and YouTube channels are in the hundreds and thousands, with some having major followings. One of the popular vlogs — video blogs — is called Best Life and Beyond, and they have stirred up their fair share of controversy, most recently angering people when they said that they planned to visit Disneyland Resort.

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Now, it wasn’t visiting Disneyland that was the problem for people on social media. It was the fact that they had apparently appeared to have COVID and were still going to visit Disneyland Park for the reopening of Pirates of the Caribbean. The popular attraction has been closed for months and just reopened on July 1, after a massive refurbishment. Just before the reopening, a thread went viral on Reddit with the claim that the vloggers had COVID but still planned on visiting the Disney Park, with the person who posted the thread asking if there was a way to report them.

Disney Influencers are sick with Covid but are going to Pirates of the Caribbean Opening tomorrow at Disneyland. Is there a way to report this?
byu/diskneelvr inDisneyland

There was an hour and a half long video of the couple posted just before July 1, and they were both coughing and stuffed up. However, neither one confirmed that they had COVID. In another video, Katie — one of the vloggers — states that she was vomiting, then felt like she had a really bad cold. She also claimed that her niece also got sick, but neither one got tested for COVID. Katie got sick first and then said that she was planning on going to the Parks, then admitted that it sounded like Spencer may also be getting sick.

Disney Vloggers

Credit: Best Life and Beyond YouTube

Many were quick to comment on the fact that, while it may be in poor taste and something you should absolutely not do, there was nothing preventing the couple from visiting the theme park. Disneyland Resort — just like Walt Disney World Resort — does not have any requirement in place to prove that you are vaccinated or that you have tested negative for COVID. There are also no mask requirements at the Park, although people may wear one any time they choose.

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Others commented that the couple has caused trouble in the Parks in the past, saying they block dining areas to shoot and reshoot themselves, make fun of others, and act generally entitled. It seems that some have become so angry about it that they started a petition asking Disney to ban the couple from filming in their Parks. In part, the petition — which has more than 1,500 signatures — reads:

Katie Slockbower of Best Life and Beyond continues to break park rules and harass and attack park goers while recording her vlog posts at the park.  During one video she openly mocks a handicapped woman riding a scooter and during another vlog she attacks an African American family especially the children while on the Mark Twain after cutting the family off.  She has a history of making false claims against guests at the park.  She uses staff and security at the park as a weapon and constantly video’s about how she will use them against park goers. 

While in the park she sells her products and asks for money while videoing in the park which goes directly against park rules.  She continues to use her videos to encite hateful retoric against families and children as well as Disneyland itself.  Her partner Spencer and Charlie have used the park as a way to promote their products for personal gain.  She has made Disneyland and unsafe place for families and children. 


Credit: Disney

It should be noted that all of the accusations made against the couple are just that — accusations. Spencer did post a video from the opening of Pirates of the Caribbean on July 1 and, in the comments, claimed that they were not sick with COVID and would not visit the theme parks if they were. Katie was not with him, presumably because she was still feeling ill.

If you feel that you may have come down with COVID, getting a test is always best to confirm. It is also important to quarantine, so you don’t get people around you sick, as the virus is highly contagious. It should also be common sense to not go into highly crowded areas, like a theme park, if you think you are sick.

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