CDC Upgrades Disney World counties’ COVID community levels to “High” signaling a possible surge in cases

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The U. S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has upgraded the COVID-19 community level in both Florida counties where the Walt Disney World Resort is located from “medium” risk only days ago to “high” risk.

Disney World lies in Orange County and Osceola County, Florida, and the Centers for Disease Control has just upgraded the COVID risk level in both counties to high.

Only days ago, Orange County, Florida, was at a “medium” community level for COVID-19, but it is now at “high.” The same is true for Osceola County, Florida. The Walt Disney World Resort property lies entirely within these two Florida counties.

Credit: CDC

Credit: CDC

Per the CDC website, COVID 19 community levels are measures of the impact of COVID-19 illness on health and healthcare systems in a particular county. As such, there are three tiers of COVID-19 community level: low, medium, and high.

In a county where the level is low, individuals are encouraged to stay up-to-date on COVID-19 vaccines and get tested if symptoms arise. In a county where the level is high, the CDC recommends that people wear a mask or appropriate face covering while indoors in public in addition to taking precautions if they are at risk for severe illness.

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The CDC encourages individuals to learn about the community level in the counties where they live, work, and play, to help them make better decisions when it comes to helping to slow or stop the spread of coronavirus cases:

“Individuals should consider current information about COVID-19 hospitalizations in the community, as well as the potential for strain on the local health system and COVID-19 cases in the community, when making decisions about community prevention strategies and individual behaviors. Communities and individuals should also make decisions based on whether they are at high risk for severe disease and take into account inequities in access to prevention strategies.”

In April 2022, Disney removed all mask and face covering requirements for Guests visiting the Central Florida parks. Guests of the Disneyland Resort in California were also relieved of the mask and face covering requirements.

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Florida COVID cases have been on the rise with the state reporting nearly 140,000 new COVID 19 cases over the last two weeks. Within that same timeframe, hospitalization rates related to COVID 19 cases saw an increase of 24% in Florida.

During the summer months of 2020 and 2021, coronavirus cases surged in Central Florida and across a large part of the country. In 2021, the Delta variant of the disease became the predominant strain of SARS-2, followed by the omicron variant, and now the B.A.2 omicron variant, also referred to as “stealth omicron.”

Experts predict yet another summer surge in coronavirus cases across the country, but as vaccination rates are high, hospitalization rates have fallen drastically as most people who are vaccinated and become infected with the virus do not experience severe illness.

Regardless of vaccination status, individuals with symptoms of COVID-19 are encouraged to wear a facial covering to prevent the possible spread of the virus.

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If you’re planning a trip to Disney World soon, be sure to check the Resort’s website for the latest information on mask mandates within the parks, as well as information about the level of risk at the time of your trip.

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