One Disney Resort Had Effectively Banned Influencers, Could the Rest Follow Suit?

Tokyo disney bans influencers
Credit: Tokyo Cheapo

According to many fans, Influencers have become a nuisance in many theme parks, but most especially in Disney theme parks. The rise in bad guest behavior is largely due to the increase of so-called influencers who break the rules in order to gain social media attention. One Disney resort is fighting back: Tokyo Disney effectively banned vlogging and other activities in its parks. 

Tokyo disney bans influencers

Credit: Tokyo Cheapo

The new ban comes in the form of cleverly worded rules and regulations. The use of cell phones has been prohibited on rides and shows for some time. Still, in addition to this, commercial photography and videography have been banned, and the use of tripods, unipods, and selfie sticks are no longer allowed, and “public transmission or recording of any kind that may inconvenience other Guests.” You can view the policy for yourself here

The new policy is very open-ended but works very well to end disruptive influencer behavior. From dangerous stunts done to gain attention to terrible advice (one influencer suggested that guests permanently damage 3D glasses to make them fit better), influencers have caused trouble for Disney and for guests. Many guests feel like influencers have ruined the magic, that speaking during rides or shows is extremely rude, and object to being filmed without permission for someone else’s personal gain. 

Tokyo DisneySea

Credit: Disney

Reddit was full of happy Disney fans in response to this new policy: 

User u/doordonot19 said “Who cares why, some vloggers are disruptive to the normal guests. who wants to go to a park and hear someone talk on a ride, have their camera in their face, or lights on in a dark ride etc.”

Meanwhile u/Photomint added, “What a dream…Tokyo Disney gets everything right.”

This has left many wondering if the policy would extend to other Disney Parks as well. While it is unlikely that such a policy would make its way to the Parks in the United States, many fans hope that it will. A First Amedment argument would likely not hold up to oppose such a ban because Disney Parks are private property and, therefore can limit video recording at their discretion so while it is unlikely US Parks could see a ban, it isn’t entirely impossible. 

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