Surfs up: Bad Guest Behavior Continues With FOUNTAIN SURFING!?!?

Disney Springs surfer
Credit: Twitter

Disney Springs certainly sees its fair share of action. From 8-hour lines to buy a cookie, to bringing a grill from home to have a cookout…there’s no shortage of things in the Springs to make you go “huh”? Today we can add surfing to that list. 

Today a man decided to hang ten at Disney Springs. As seen in the photo below, a man appearing to be in his mid-twenties hopped into a fountain near the Lime parking garage. The shirtless man had a surfboard in the water with him. Twitter user @michealsheelyjr caught the act on camera. 

Disney Springs surfer

Credit: Twitter

 Fountain surfing is undoubtedly one way to beat the oppressive Florida heat, though it doesn’t appear to have been a very successful plan. Disney Security is seen intervening. Orlando is landlocked and not exactly known for its surfing scene, so perhaps the surfing enthusiast was just trying to catch a wave wherever he could. If cooling off was the goal, there were much better ways to go about it (such as one of the splash areas). 


At this time, not much is known about the man or his motivations. There has been a rise in bad guest behavior recently for social media fame. From encouraging guests to break dress codes, to fighting, to stunts such as this one, many have chosen the wrong way to make a name for themselves. Given that the surfer was in front of Ron Jon Surf Shop, we can only assume that this was some sort of publicity grab. 

It is unknown whether he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  This story is ongoing, and we will be sure to update you with more details as they become available. 

It goes without saying, but we here at Disney Dining absolutely do not encourage this sort of behavior. There are much better ways to make a name for yourself, if that is a thing you desire. Rule breaking leads to bans from the park. No one wants that. 

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