Popular Offering is Back and Better than Ever at Universal Orlando

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Mobile order may just be the best thing to happen to theme park dining! While the convenience is nice, it’s the argument prevention that I love most about it! Do you know what you don’t want to do when you’re hangry? Wait in a long line full of other hangry people. I cannot tell you how many family tiffs have started in my family because we were hot, hangry, and in a long line. Mobile Order takes that away.

Mobile order at universal

Credit: Universal

Universal required mobile order during the first days after they reopened from the Pandemic. Then, inexplicably, mobile order went away. It didn’t happen all at once. One or two restaurants were removed here. Another couple removed there. Before long, the time (and family) saving service was nowhere to be found.

Thankfully, mobile order is not only back but better than ever! Previously, you ordered when you were ready to eat, and the restaurant made your food right away. Now, you can still do that, but you can also order in advance and select your pick-up time.

Mobile order universal

This is a fantastic time saver because you know exactly (give or take a few minutes because they are human, after all) when your food will be ready. It’s also excellent for compulsive planners like me. I can time a Disney or Universal day down to the minute (literally, I’ve put this to the test). So at the beginning of my day, I can say, “OK, I know I’ll be in Wizarding World at 11:15, so let’s have our Leaky Cauldron order ready then,” and place my order in advance. Then I’m free to go about my day!

Mobile order universal

Credit: Universal

More restaurants than ever before, including some CityWalk restaurants, are included in the new and improved Mobile Order. Before, only a select few offered the service (just those open right after the pandemic). As new restaurants reopened, they weren’t added to the mobile order lineup. That’s changed now. Nearly 30 quick service locations are participating. To see a complete list of participating restaurants, check out Universal Orlando’s official website here.

This incredible upgrade is a game-changer. We are so excited about the massive mobile order comeback at Universal Orlando. We are huge fans of anything that can simplify our theme park days. Now if they’d just bring back their dining plan…

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