NOW OPEN: Universal Orlando Announces the Opening of New Attraction at CityWalk

universal orlando resort great movie escape
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Universal Orlando Resort has just announced the opening of a brand-new attraction at the park’s CityWalk district.

Visiting the Orlando area soon and looking for something different to do with your time? Universal Orlando Resort is offering something new for individual guests, couples without kids, and families alike.

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universal orlando resort great movie escape

Credit: Ashley Carter/Spectrum News

Universal Orlando’s newest attraction, the Great Movie Escape Room, allows guests to become “part of the film,” and they can choose from two different film themes–one adventure inspired by Jurassic World and one adventure inspired by Back to the Future.

The all-new experience is, as its title suggests, an escape room located at Universal’s CityWalk district. Both experiences, whether Jurassic World or Back to the Future, last approximately one hour, and during the experience, guests have to work together to find solutions to various challenges as the adventure–inspired by each film franchise–plays out across several individual rooms, each one adorned with props and sets that were also inspired by the films as well.

No matter which experience guests choose, the adventure begins with a pre-show that introduces the story. After the pre-show, virtual guides appear on-screen or as voices throughout the adventure. “Riley” is the virtual guide for Jurassic World: Escape, and for Back to the Future: OUTTATIME, the virtual guide is “Nico.”

universal orlando resort great movie escape

Credit: Ashley Carter/Spectrum News

Guests will do well to pay close attention to what the virtual guides as they give visitors clues and instructions that can help them to solve the challenges present in the escape rooms.

Spectrum News gives a detailed look at what takes place inside each film franchise-inspired adventure:

In “Jurassic World,” located on the upper level of the attraction, the stakes are high. Visitors become the newest geneticists at a secret lab on Isla Nublar. As they get familiar with the facilities, something goes horribly wrong: one of the genetically-engineered dinosaurs has escaped, and it’s up to them to not only help save other people on the island but also save years of precious research that could be lost. 

Universal's Great Movie Escape at Universal CityWalk. The attraction features two themed adventures based on "Back to the Future" and "Jurassic World." (Spectrum News/Ashley Carter)

Credit: Ashley Carter/Spectrum News

In “Back to the Future,” located on the main level, visitors arrive at a museum in 1993 to help Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd reprising his role) track down Biff, who has stolen Doc’s new time travel device.  As they make their way through different time periods (The Old West, 1955), it will be up to them to save the space-time continuum before it’s too late.

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