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You Can Drink Around the World Without Leaving Your Barstool

Wine bar George

Drinking around the world is a time-honored Disney tradition. People strategize and plan (and save up) for this unofficial Disney activity at EPCOT. We even wrote a handy guide about how to do it without ending up in our “Guests Behaving Badly” headlines! We love to drink around the world, but it does have its drawbacks, namely that it’s exhausting! ...

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Disney Guests: You’re Not Above the Rules, Stop Acting Like You Are

Bad behavior at disney

“Guests Behaving Badly” shouldn’t be a regular feature here. When a guest breaks the rules, it ought to be an uncommon occurrence. It shouldn’t happen with such regularity that we have a name for it. Sadly though, that isn’t the case. Many think they are above the rules or that rules are merely suggestions. Guests are increasingly putting themselves and ...

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CONFIRMED: Disney Dining Plan Returns!

Disney dining plan

We can’t believe we actually get to say this: THE DINING PLAN IS COMING BACK! This is not a drill. This is the real deal! The Disney Dining Plan was suspended after the pandemic closures and hasn’t returned in more than three years since. This was a highly unpopular decision by Disney because the Dining Plan was incredibly popular with ...

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TikTok BULLY Banned After Harassing ‘Disney Adults’

Disney adults

Here we go again. Disney Adults are the new internet punching bag. It seems that if you’re not a Disney Adult, you hate them. Disney Adults are a new trendy name for something that’s always been a thing. Disney fans have always come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. That is by design- Walt wanted a place for all ages ...

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Health Risk Spotted at Disney’s EPCOT

Maintenance issues at disney

Disney Parks have always been a cut above the rest. One of the things that sets Disney apart from other theme park destinations is its attention to detail. Guests expect a lot from Disney because Disney expects a lot from itself…at least until recently. Not long ago, we reported mold growing in several attractions at Walt Disney World (notably on ...

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Disney Demands Showrunners Return to Work Despite Strike

Writers strike

The Writers Guild of America is currently on strike, demanding improved compensation and protection against the use of AI writing programs. The duration and potential impact of the strike remain uncertain, given that the 2007 strike lasted 100 days and led to numerous series being canceled or shortened. Walt Disney Studios is anxiously looking on, hoping to avoid disaster, especially ...

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Signs That You’re a TRUE Star Wars Fan

Star wars fan

“I am a jedi like my father before me”… that may just be the most meaningful line in the entire Star Wars canon to me. My dad introduced me to Star Wars when I was a little girl and what began as an excuse to drink soda and eat popcorn (because that was a Star Wars night must in my ...

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Disney Changes Advanced Dining Reservation Rules…Again

Dining reservation changes

Disney’s Advanced Dining Reservation (ADR) rules have changed again! Ever since the pandemic, Walt Disney World has tweaked dining reservations little by little until no one is really quite sure what the rules are. Even seasoned Disney World vets have trouble navigating all of the rules. Pre-Pandemic, you could make an ADR for your favorite table service restaurant 180 days ...

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Get Your Fiesta On With the BEST Margarita at Walt Disney World

La cava del tequila

Cinco De Mayo may have come and gone but that doesn’t mean we can’t still celebrate with our  favorite margaritas at Walt Disney World! The debate about who has the best margaritas on property is fierce, but one spot is far and away the best in our book! It’s so good that we won’t even drink margaritas anywhere else! I’m ...

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