Disney Parks’ Mysterious Social Media Behavior Revealed and Fans Aren’t Having It

Disney parks reindeer
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Disney fans are annoyed. What else is new? Disney fans always seem to be annoyed about something. This time they are annoyed  about Disney’s reindeer and Disney Parks attempt at a viral marketing campaign. Disney is celebrating the fact that we are halfway to Christmas with their Halfway to the Holidays event. They are releasing limited-time holiday-themed snacks, merchandise, and, best of all, making Christmas announcements all week long.

The announcements began, so we thought, yesterday when Disney Parks tweeted a “Reindeer Tracker.” Then, they started tweeting reindeer coordinates. All. Day. Long. There was a new coordinate announced every hour (and sometimes every half hour). Many felt this was…excessive. You can check out the thread below to see just how long Disney carried on with this digital game of hide and seek:

At first, fans raced to decipher the coordinates. Many thought Disney’s original tweet made it sound like there might be gifts involved for those who correctly identified the location. They excitedly posted the site of the reindeer each time a new one was announced. Eventually, though, they got tired of it. Comments switched from intrigued to irritated. “PLEASE Stop,” one user tweeted. Another criticized the campaign:

The user, @Ivebeenjack, was less hopeful than we are about the upcoming announcements. Our heads are swirling with amazing ideas, but Jack is less than enthused predicting a lot of hype for lackluster announcements.

Disney stopped at midnight. The final coordinate was Main Street USA in Disneyland. Some dedicated fans plotted the coordinates on a map and discovered that the reindeer’s location formed a Mickey head that spanned the globe on its way to Anaheim.

The final location makes sense because today (Tuesday, June 13) is the day Disney is expected to make Christmas announcements for Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park.

Cinderella Castle Dream lights

Credit: Jill Bivins

Announcements for Disney Cruise Line are expected on Wednesday, followed by the Walt Disney World Resort Christmas announcements on Thursday. Will the Disney reindeer continue on their journey to each location? Most fans hope not.

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