New App For Moms-To-Be Adds Disney Magic to Pregnancy

Disney babies
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Calling all moms-to-be! You know those tracking apps where they tell you baby is the size of a poppyseed, a waterchestnut, a papaya? Does that mean much to you? Yeah it didn’t to me either. Now there’s an app that puts it in terms that actually make sense to Disney fans (and if you’re reading Disney Dining, we assume that you are).

Tracking baby’s growth and development is one of the most exciting parts of pregnancy. My kids are spaced pretty far apart. When I began having babies, you had to buy a book a flip to the chapter that corresponded to where you were in your pregnancy each week. With my middle one using websites to track was the easiest way to go. By the time my youngest came along, there were dozens of apps to choose from that would update me automatically every week.

Disney babies

Credit: Disney

No matter the method, I always loved discovering how big the little bean was, but a lot of times, the comparisons didn’t really tell me much (I don’t know how big a Peruvian Ground Cherry is, do you?) But I’m fairly confident about how big Pooh’s hunny pot is. The What to Expect app take the guesswork out of the process with their new Disney measurements. Each week there’s a different Disney related item go compare your baby’s size to.

What to expect Disney size

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From Pixie dust to Mickey’s Sorcerer hat, each week there a new Disney item to gauge your child’s size. Granted, we’ve never seen Pixie Dust to know exactly how big it is, but it does make more sense to us than a Durian Fruit.

What to expect Disney

Credit: What to Expect/Disney

This is such a fun way to bring a bit of Disney magic to your little miracle! You can download the app, which in addition to size comparisons is full of useful information about your baby’s development and the changes taking place in your own body. I’m just sad that this came along 4 months too late for my newest pixie dusted bundle of joy!

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