Are You A True Disney Fan Or Do You Make These Common Character Mistakes At Disney Parks?

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Disney Parks characters are a major staple of any Disney vacation. True fans may be surprised, however, that many visiting Guests will confidently misidentify popular meet-and-greet characters. It doesn’t matter how much a park ticket costs, the fact is that every Guest is not up to date on even staple Disney Parks characters.

Here are the top five routine misidentification sins that casual Disney goers commit – they may surprise you but they all have 100% actually happened.

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Top Five Routine Misidentification Sins of Casual Disney Goers

Donald Duck and Daffy Duck

It may be a slip of the tongue with this one, or true confusion but Cast Members often pick up on Guests mislabeling Disney’s head Duck. For clarification, Disney’s Donald Duck has white feathers and wears a blue sailor outfit. Daffy Duck is a Warner Bros. Looney Toon character and has black feathers. Though I believe they both have quite the tempers.

donald duck disney daffy duck looney toons warner brothers

Disney / Warner Bros.

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Cinderella and Princess Aroura (AKA Sleeping Beauty)

These original Disney Princesses are both young blonde white female characters from the 1950’s, and casual Disney fans will call Aroura ‘Cinderella’ by mistake, but usually not the other way around. Cinderella’s hair is an updo and she wears a light blue dress. Aroura is usually depicted with her long hair down and wearing a pink gown.

Cinderella aroura sleeping beauty face character disney parks princess


Jane from Tarzan (1999) and Mary Poppins

These ladies are two proper, white British women who carry umbrellas and wear hats. Other than that I don’t see the connection. Jane is a rarer character, however, so this mistake only occurs at Halloween parties or when she makes surprise appearances. At Disney Parks, Mary Poppins wears all white, and Jane is in yellow and usually next to Tarzan.

jane and tarzan animal kingdom mary poppins uk epcot penguin meet and greet disney world


Pluto and Goofy

Pluto, Mickey Mouse’s yellow dog, who only wears a collar with his name on it, is sometimes confused with Mickey’s good friend Goofy, who is completely clothed. I guess they have similar face shapes? Casual Disney fans will mix up Mickey’s VIP’s like nobody’s business – don’t even get me started on Chip and Dale.

MIckey mouse minnie mouse donald duck goofy pluto mickey and friends disney parks castle


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Wendy Darling and Alice

Here we have two British little girl characters in blue, which can cause confusion. Wendy Darling of Peter Pan (1953) wears her brunette curls up while Alice in Wonderland’s protagonist (1951) wears her straight blonde hair down.

wendy darling peter pan alice in wonderland dinsey parks meet and greet


Less Frequent but still Weird Misidentifications

Princess Merida from Brave (2012) and Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games (2012)

Both of these female badasses wield a bow and arrow, but there’s truly no reason to mistake Merida for Katniss. Princess Merida has a lion’s mane of red curls, is very Scottish, and is animated. Katniss is from a book-turned-movie, wearing a single dark braid, and she’s not even a Disney character, let alone Princess…so…yea.

princess merida brave disney parks katniss everdeen hunger games lionsgate

Disney / Lionsgate

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse in her pants suit

Listen, when Minnie Mouse got her pantsuit wardrobe upgrade for the Disney Cruise line, her eyelashes were the best way to tell her and Mickey Mouse apart. At first glance, even a true Disney fan might get confused for a second.

mickey mouse minnie mouse pants suit disney cruise line captains

Disney Cruise Line

No matter which Disney experience offers character meet-and-greets – a theme park, a cruise ship, character dining, and more – Disney characters will always be happy to see you!

While a Cast Member may correct you, none should shame you for making one of these mistakes. But now you don’t have to!

Happy Disney Park hopping and character greeting to all!

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