“Main Character Energy”: Disney World Celebrates Disney Dads on Father’s Day!

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Credit: Jill Bivins

Walt Disney World is celebrating Father’s Day by paying tribute to some of the hardest working dads around: the Disney Dad. From dad jokes to “the dad tax,” Disney days are the unsung heroes of any Disney vacation. In a tweet early this morning Disney World posted a heartwarming video that recognized everything Disney dads do. How many of those “Disney Dad Behaviors” did you recognize? 

The Disney Dad Look is something everyone recognizes immediately: cargo shorts, baseball hat and a Mickey shirt are the uniform of Disney Parks dads everywhere. Even if you are not a Disney dad yourself, you’ve definitely seen this guy around the Parks. He’s usually the one loaded down with bags. 

Disney Parks dads are often seen carrying  things. Lots and lots of things. Who knew going to a theme park involved lugging so much stuff!? From backpacks to shopping  bags, and even the kiddos themselves…Disney dads carry it all! They deserve a trip to the spa for a massage if you ask me!

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Credit: Jill Bivins

“Why did Mickey Mouse become an astronaut? So he could visit Pluto!” Ah the dad joke! Every dad in the history of dads cracks these corny one liners. We love to pretend to hate the dad joke  but life would be so boring without them! A Disney Parks dad is a master of the dad joke. Our favorite? “Is BB hungry? No! BB-8!” Corny Disney themed dad jokes add laughter (and a few eye rolls) to any Disney vacation.  

Mickey Pretzel

Credit: Disney

The dreaded dad tax can be seen wherever Mickey shaped treats are sold. It’s practically a rite of passage. My son already knows this and hands snacks to his dad automatically now so dad can have a bite. It’s going to happen and there’s just no getting around it. Don’t try suggesting they just get their own snack either. They’ll insist they don’t want one, even while actively biting into your snack. It’s best to just accept it. It’s going to happen no matter what you do. 

Dads truly do bring the “main character energy.” While mom is busy keeping everyone on task, dad usually has a fun idea in mind to throw the carefully prepared plan out the window. Whether it’s a waltz with his favorite little princess or an impromptu concert performance- dads bring the fun! One of my favorite memories was when I let go of my “Disney commando plan” and let my husband take the reins of our carefully crafted day. That became one of our favorite Disney days ever! 

Disney parks dad

Crrdit; Jill bivins

A trip to Disney Parks wouldn’t be the same without dad! Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads out there that brave the heat and humidity (and prices) to create wonderful memories for their family.  We see you and we appreciate you. 

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