Guest Spots Once-In-a-Lifetime Hidden Mickey at Hollywood Studios

Hidden mickey
Credit: Disney Tips

Disney World is a magical place. There is no doubt about that! In fact, it’s “the most magical place on Earth!” Sometimes, though, the world decides to shine a little extra magic on the parks and make it all just a bit brighter. That’s exactly what happened to Kathleen Eicholz on her recent trip to Hollywood Studios.

Hidden mickey

Credit: DisneyDining.com

Hidden Mickey’s are Mickey Mouse-shaped objects placed by Imagineers hidden (often in plain sight) around Disney Parks. It’s become a fan-favorite pastime to find them. Entire books have been written on where to find them. Guests spend days searching and marking the ones they find off of their lists. There’s even a hidden Mickey that can only be seen once a year!

Hidden mickey

Disney Dining

Kathleen Eicholz found one, though, that you won’t find in any book or on any checklist. That’s because the Hidden Mickey she found was in the sky! It happened on June 11, 2023, and Eicholz says she was simply “in the right place, at the right time.” She quickly snapped a photo of it, and that photo has since gone viral. When the mom of 3 looked up to answer a question from her 13-year-old son about the Tower of Terror, she saw a cloud formation peeking out from just behind the ride. The shape was familiar and looked just like Mickey!

Hidden mickey

Credit- Kathleen Eicholz

Eicholz told Fox35 Orlando, “My son was asking about Tower of Terror. I looked up as I was answering his questions, and there was our very own Hidden Mickey!” Eicholz was at Disney World for a three-day surprise trip for her two kids, Rachael, 16, and Jonathan, 13, before heading toward the Gulf Coast to visit some colleges.

A lot of Hidden Mickey’s found “in the wild” are a stretch- you really have to try hard to see them. Others are just plain wishful thinking. This one, however, was the real deal. A proper Mickey shape in the sky. This once-in-a-lifetime Hidden Mickey is one the Eicholz family will never forget!



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