‘The Show Must NOT Go On’- Popular Hollywood Studios Show Comes to Abrupt Halt

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Credit: Jill Bivins

Disney Parks shows are always heavily involved. They involve lots of cast, scenery, and moving parts, especially shows like Fantasmic! and Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular! When things go wrong, it can get dangerous. Cast Member and Guest safety is always top priority.

Recently, Disneyland discovered this the hard way when the show’s Maleficent Dragon caught fire. The giant animatronic was quickly engulfed, and guests were evacuated from the theater. Recently, Disney has announced that the show will not return until at least Labor Day as they work to determine the cause of the massive blaze and put prevention methods in place.


Credit: Disney

This week a similar (though less dramatic) event occurred at Hollywood Studios. Despite many changes to the show that some considered “woke,” Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular! continues to be extreemly popular. The show has become a familiar favorite to many, myself included. However, audiences were left puzzled after the show stopped midway through and did not resume this week.

Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular

Credit: Disney

Louise R. was in the audience when the show abruptly came to a halt. She spoke with Inside the Magic about the experience, and from her comments, we can glean a little look into what happened. As a stunt show, things can get dangerous if something is slightly off. On this particular day, the show appeared to be operating normally through the boulder scene, the market scene, and the fight scene but ended before the iconic plane sequence. Louise said, “They were like, ‘OK, everybody, thanks for your cooperation; sorry we couldn’t do it.’ And loads of people around us sat still as if to say, ‘ Oh, that’s it?'”

Indiana Jones An Epic Stunt Spectacular!

Credit: Disney

The plane or pyrotechnic effects were most likely experiencing a technical issue. With the recent fire at Disneyland, it makes sense that Disney would opt to be extra cautious. Malfunctions happen. Nothing is 100% foolproof. Ending early, while disappointing, it’s a much better alternative than a “the show must go on” attitude where someone could get hurt.

Indiana Jones Stunt Soectacular Disney world

Credit: Disney Parks

Luckily, the issues experienced by the show that day weren’t long-standing. Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular! did continue its regularly scheduled showings with minimal downtime. This show has long been rumored to be on the chopping block. We worry it’s one problem away from its final curtain.

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